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Story: Don't Open Fet on the Train

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'Don't open Fet on the train 😂' is what Daddy just texted me. I smile and replied back asking how much anyone saw, which was apparently very little, but it was embarrassing enough knowing what they could have seen if he wasn't paying attention.

I was laying in my bed, waiting for Daddy to get home, in exactly what he had told me to wear, a bright green thing that had already risen high up my cheeks, and matching bra that both lifted and separated and look just so slutty. And knowing he was stuck on a train, well what sort of brat would I be if I teased him when he couldn't do anything about it. So I leaned towards the camera, and sent him a picture, of me licking my lips, with just a hint of cleavage.

It was enough to get his attention and for an immediate response of checking if I'd remembered he was on the train, that he'd opened that even as the guy next to him could see his phone. And I don't know why, but that thought excited me. It made that throb I always have when talking to him build. The thought of a stranger seeing me exposed, wanting me. Maybe that's why I did it. I don't really know. But whatever the reason, I found myself teasing my nipples for the camera and sending it to him, with the caption let him see.

The response was a little bit slower now. But he said to say hi to the stranger. So I did. Licking my lips slowly after I'd said it, and that throbbing growing. Knowing he was showing me off, sharing me. God it was so hot. I was staring at the phone, eager for his reply. I could feel myself getting into a new headspace. A frenzy starting, as I pictured all the things I could send. Poses and outfits. All to make the stranger hard and Daddy proud to show me off.

All it took was the word 'More', and I did. First pinching my nipples over the bra for the camera, before letting the lens follow my fingers down my chest to my thong. I kept taking picture after picture and sending them.

Not thinking. Just being an exhibitionist slut. That's what Daddy called me. And it was true. That's why my hands were slowly slipping my thong down so I could bend over for Daddy, for the stranger. To show them how wet I was. And I was so very very wet.

There was a longer pause, as Daddy said he was showing the stranger every picture. Replaying them all so they could see all of me. Knowing that I was just a piece of meat to him made me throb so much. I couldn't stop myself. Before I knew, I was thrusting my fingers inside myself. I even showed how they glistened for the camera when I pulled them out.

Daddy could tell what had gotten into me and was encouraging it. Telling me how the stranger had shifted or gasped at some pictures. How he was staring at each picture. How Daddy had tilted the phone to make sure he could see every inch of his slut.
Each message made me take more pictures. Fuck my self faster. Just wanting to be seen as nothing but a set of holes, a prize to show off.

But it was knowing that it was riling up my Daddy that made it even hotter. That he was throbbing and hard for me. And that when he got home he would take out all his frustrations on his babygirl. That was the thought that had me cumming. And of course I made sure to get it all on video.
Sending it to him with just the caption 'see you soon', I caught my breath as I waited for him to get home.
Sounds like something I’d do
Thank you! I have them posted on FetLife under the same name but realise there is not that big a crossover
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