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Throat Fuck For Sub


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Her beautiful blonde hair and stunning brown eyes looked amazing in the glow of the candles, placed strategically around the room to capture every shadow.

Wearing just the bra & panties that Sir had picked out for his sub, a little earlier that day, so she knew exactly how to dress for Sir.

'Looking gorgeous' he told her in his quietly spoken, but commanding voice. 'Now on your knees for Sir'

Without hesitation, she followed Sirs command, dropping gently to her knees and bowing her head in the submissive pose they'd practised on so many numerous occasions.

'Look up at me and open your mouth' he ordered her, at which point he took two fingers and shoved them firmly into her mouth and down towards the back of her throat, setting off her gag reflexes.

She didn't always gag, but been taken so quickly by surprise, this shocked her system and her gagging was almost instant.

Sir unzipped his trousers with his free hand and swapped his fingers in her mouth for his stiff cock within a split second of each other.

Pre-cum already leaking from Sirs hard cock.

Grabbing a circle of hair at the back of his subs head, he forces his cock down to the depths of her throat.

Her pupils dilating and tears starting to form from the violation she'd just endured.

Pulling back for a second before quickly forcing his penis to the back of her tonsils ... sub trying not to pass out from the brutal thrusting her throat is now receiving.

After several minutes of hard and fast throat fucking, Sir feels his cock pulsating as he shoots his hot sticky load into the back of his subs throat.

Sub had now got used to the salty taste of Sirs cum and now didn't mind it so much, so she swallowed every last drop, even the little bit that was escaping from the corner of her mouth due to the vast volume of cum.

Swallowing it all up and emptying her mouth, she stuck out her tongue to show Sir her mouth was empty and then said 'Thank you Sir' to which Sir replied 'Now there's my good good girl'.

Kissing her forehead, Sir went and fetched his sub her favourite drink to help her recover ... until next time.

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