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Surprise Before Dinner

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We were supposed to be going to dinner tonight, but I walk in and see you sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. You look up, our eyes lock. You still have your work suit and tie on. I, in my tight white thigh length dress. I walk over to you, never losing eye contact. You put the newspaper on the table. I straddle your thighs, as my dress hikes up revealing no panties. I take your tie off and lay it on the couch. Unbuttoning your shirt and sliding my hands down your chest, nails raking across leaving a light pink mark.

You grab my hands, pick up your tie and bind my wrists. I look at you with fire in my eyes as I growl. You put my arms over your head and pulled me close leaning me towards you. I felt a hard slap on my arse. Gasping, I look at you. Your smirk tells me all I needed to know.

You crash your lips to mine. Holding my head, deepening the kiss. Moaning as our tongues do a dance. As you pull back I bite your bottom lip and growl. You growl back and deliver a hard slap to my arse.
Pulling my arms from around your neck, you set my feet on the floor as you get up. Turning me around, you place a blindfold over my eyes.

You grab my shoulders and guide me to the bedroom. Stopping, I feel your breath hot on my neck as your fingers invade deep and withdraw before pushing in again, the hand on my nipples moving from one to the other, pinching and twisting them ever more painfully as I gasp and squirm under the assault of pleasure and pain.

Leaning my head back onto your shoulder, knowing I'm offering an almost irresistible target of my neck to you. I'm not disappointed as I feel your wide jaw engulf my neck, teeth biting hard enough to scare me just a little, but the pain shooting fire through me directly between my legs as pleasure. My legs shake momentarily as the waves wash through me, but your hand tormenting my nipples tightens around me, holding me up until the shaking stops. A growl against my neck from you lets me know you have recognized my arousal, tears springing to my eyes as your teeth tighten their grip, an edge of real pain alongside the pleasure.

Your hands and mouth suddenly withdraw, an involuntary moan of disappointment met with another sharp, hard slap on my arse. Grabbing my hair, pulling me to step involuntary backwards you pull more, suddenly I'm falling back with a startled shriek before bouncing on the cushioning of the mattress. Your hands under my shoulders, rearranging me until my head is hanging off the bed.  My legs parting eagerly, wanting to offer all of myself to you.

A chuckle from you, as you sense this sounding wonderfully filthy to my ears, a soft 'Please' escaping from my lips. Hands leaving me again. A rustle of clothing, the magical sound of your zip lowering, my tongue moistening my lips as I anticipate whats coming next. My breath suddenly faster.

Yes! The soft, wide bulb of your cock pushing between my lips, my tongue eagerly curling round it as it slowly pushes in, my mouth and throat relaxing and opening for my Master, welcoming you.
My tied hands, hanging off the bed, between your legs, running up those thighs, fingers gently caressing your balls as you start to pump in and out of my mouth, soft choking from me as you hit my gag spot, moaning to keep control as I hear you groan above me. Your fingers dipping back into my pussy make me lift my hips to meet them, faster, more insistently invading me, speeding up, slamming into me, rubbing my clit on every stroke.

Fuck! This isn't a slow build up, my body responding, muscles tighten round your fingers, my mouth moaning and sucking on the fat shaft in my throat.

My Masters growl above me tells me you want it too, your words searing into me as you snarls 'At zero you cum, my slut.'
My hips jerking to meet and ride you fingers
I can't hold on, the taste of his pre-cum and the lust in his voice tells me he is close too.
Moaning on his cock, so close, body twitching
A pause
Hips arch up, stomach spasms, whole body shuddering on your fingers as your cock spasms and twitches into me, my mouth eagerly swallowing everything as you loose your load. My reality shattering as waves of pleasure rush through me on your command.

Seconds, minutes, hours later I look up to see your face above mine, smiling, kissing me softly, gently helping me over to lie with you, my head on your chest, as our breathing gradually slows, both content for now....

Didn’t read. Was too unrealistic. Nobody reads the newspaper in 2023.

I still read the newspaper and actual books.

Books is reasonable but yesterday’s news is crazy.
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Beautiful 💜
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I'd be putting you over my knee and turning your ass nice and red for thinking that you are allowed to cum without permission.
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