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In the palm of your hand


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I adore your hand. 

You gently stroke my cheek with it, hold my face in it. Then suddenly pinch it hard, pulling my face towards you, making me yearn for more ***. You kiss me passionately which makes me feel warm and comfortable, to then hit me right in my face out of the blue, adding surprise shock to the stinging sensation. You hit me once, twice, three, four times, each slap harder than the previous one. I start trembling as all my nerve endings become hyper-sensitive. I am electrified, nervous energy is soaring through my body. I want more, more of the ***, more of the trembling, more of your hand. And you can tell by looking at my slightly opened lips, my begging eyes and my offering of my cheeks, my breasts, legs, pussy, whole body. 

I am addicted to your hand. 

You growl and look at my breasts. You love to squeeze them until I can't breathe anymore from ***, to pull and pinch my nipples until they are red and sore and you know I love you to do, need you to do it. Only then will you start hitting them with your beautiful and determined hand, making me moan, wriggling underneath you, but never trying to stop you. It seems you will never stop, but the fight inside my head will always be won by the side that wants you to continue forever more, no matter how much it makes me suffer. But you do stop, pull away from me to watch me breathe heavily, shaking from excitement and ***. You love to see me like this and I love being seen like this by you. 

I *** your hand. 

You kiss me, caress me, tell me to compose myself. But I want more of your hand, want it to hurt me more than I can endure. I open my legs and guide your hand towards the space between them. You can feel how much I want you to let your hand loose  once again. You look at me, questioningly, so I take your hand, lift it up and let it fall onto my pussy, again and again. You understand. Your fingers move inside me, violently and yet lovingly. You want me to forget what I am waiting for and I start to melt away, enjoying your fierce in-and-out-movement, until you quickly pull your fingers out and the first heavy blow hits my clit. It is so unexpectedly that I scream out loud, but you swiftly put your other hand on my mouth and continue with spanking my pussy, enjoying the sounds this makes, my wetness that you can feel, my pointless attempts to get away from it. You pause. She is pulsating, swelling, reddening and I am all yours. 

I surrender. I am fully, lovingly, expectantly and devotedly in the palm of your hand. 

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