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The birth of a Dom (part 3)

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She moaned and after my second time fully in, I started going fast completely in and out.
She was not ready in any sense for that. First loosing the control in such a natural primitive way, realising that the measure of the dominance depends on that of your partners too. It took less than 10 times , thrusting in to her , before she grabbed my hands , pulsating from intense orgasm screaming suddenly from pleasure. I could cum right there deep inside her, but i was determined to make this special for me and make sure that she would please me as I wished too.
I didn’t go out of her, I slowed down for her to take a breath while still getting in hard and full ! My right hand started fingering her little cinnamon ring. When she said, “it’s going to be hard to get in there. Only my husband has tried a couple of times and once an ex of mine”.
At that point I lift her up, and put her in the sofa in a missionary kind of curled position. This time she could see all of me going full in and out of her. Fast and without hesitation I wax ducking her as animals do. While my hand was preparing her tight little pleasure point and my mouth was sucking her extra size nipples (on her relatively small but firm breasts) she said to me with emphasis, “this is a proper cock. It’s like a tool. You fuck better than your friend”.
When I heard that, I was so ready to cum that I had to slow down !!! My hands grabbed her neck pushing her down, feeding her with my fingers while I was deep inside and out of her at speeds that even dogs would envy … Her tight passage was taking all the punishemet and my size without any lubrication while she said to me, let’s go upstairs .
This is where the main bedroom was.
I was going to fuck my friends wife in Their bedroom by her invitation.
This time it was my turn, I positioned her on her four (her favourite position), and started going inside her so hard that she was moving back and forth with me. My finger now was going all inside her rear entrance and she was saying to me don’t stop … I was saving everything for the right moment not knowing if I could cum inside her or not. She want it me so bad that she wouldn’t care. I moved her in a sideways position and while on top I started playing with her clit and gspot using one hand (difficult and tiring but very rewarding) and slowly started penetrating her anal passage .
It was tighter than anything I had until that moment, there was no way I could take full pleasure there in just one quick session from a right minded lady. But that’s the part that I live by simple non pretentious girls with athletic discipline. They want to succeed, and especially in pleasing - at all cost- the people that they feel like pleasing.
She left me getting inside her cm by cm , telling me stay there baby, don’t go out (when she couldn’t take no more). It took her a few mins and a lot of painfull moments untill I was all inside her and when she realised it to my huge surprise she said to me (with the exact words) : take me, rip my ass , it’s all yours .
I couldn’t hold myself anymore. My throbbing cock was in a very tight slippery hole while I was holding her down by the neck and I was spreading her buttocks with my other hand (after finishing pleasing her) , at times spanking one of them. And all this at the bedroom of my friend with his wife.
I bent slightly near her mouth, and while she thought that I was going to kiss her, I whispered in her ear you are now mine , before she felt me pushing inside her as hard as possible unloading uncontrollably …It took half a minute before sliding out of her, leaving a small trace of cum and seeing her ring aroused , slightly swollen but returning almost back to its original size .

I kissed her and hugged her for a few minutes before she dressed up again. I told when I would be able to see her and every single time, for the next five years we more and more special…
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