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International Relations - why American women fall for Brits?

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It's interesting how much of the positive feedback to an englishman's profile receives comes from many miles away.  I suppose a site like this with its global reach and clearly expressed distance highlights the fact. I can't see or judge other men's profiles (that would feel creepy to me) or indeed whether these vary by region etc but it makes me think that there's something on the psyche of kink minded American women that enjoys the musings of perhaps a more romantic gent. I know it's not a scientific sample.

Is there a greater willingness to dream ? Is it a greater urgency for escape ? Or have I got this wrong?

I recall a scene in the coming of age British movie Gregory 's girl on which a kid plans to hitchhike to Caracas because he's heard the ratio of women to men is 10:1 and he's looking for his first love.

Are sone drawn to kinks because perhaps there's a belief that a guy is more likely to get laid? I've no idea. But I just love the greater attention to sensuality;  to the value of the experience;  to the thought that goes into satisfying one and anothers needs;  to the honesty that our make up is complicated and to the acknowledgement  that we are all valid . These are all life confirming.  I'm not saying traditional vanilla relationships cannot have all of these - that would be silly - but there's a focus of the lovely people who drop by even just  to say hello to understanding who we are that's both refreshing and fascinating.

We are all unique and that's the joy. I'm glad we can celebrate this together  wherever in the world we come from.




I found one of the wonderful things about the internet in general is how it can often connect people that wouldn't normally be able to interact.

I think we can all often build up a certain type or attraction - I guess for example, a Hugh Grant type character where it's always a stereotypical British Gentleman can help play into an attraction or fantasy.  I know there are masochists often drawn towards European or Asian Dominants because they think they'll be crueller.  "British Femdom" sells extremely well to Germany - a kind of strict Aunt or stern governess.

So some of it can be built a little on stereotype but also play into fantasy. But, that's OK.  If done right it's something people on either side can enjoy.



@purrfectpanther   As a women from anywhere... I think we are drawn to the thought of being with a European gent.... so even a women from where you all are may seek an American... it is someone different then whom we are used to.... maybe we get bored with those around us and so we seek and desire that from afar as you seem erotic, sensual, tasty, , maybe someone we can not find in our area.  I will say I have not found or ever even met a friend who is male that speaks words such as yours unless in a love novel..... your sensual words arise such erotic sensuality within and a desire to want more of something we / I can not seem to find around me... a yearning to keep on without accepting anything less knowing there are ones out there such as yourself.  Seems you British men have more confidence.... more eager to please.... enjoy your women and their sensuality and you do not want to crush or kill it yet encourage and embrace it and enjoy what is there all in which allows us as a women feel more confident and willing to please our DOM in any way our DOM may desire... anywhere... anytime.  Wink Wink


Although I hate to generalise, I find American men are too performance driven. Sex is an athletic event.  Physical release, Boom, Done.  Plus many have a shocking ignorance of how a woman's body works. And if he even cares about my satisfaction, its an ego thing. A measure of how good he must be.   I want seduction, finesse, sensuality, play.  I'm not talking hearts and flowers.  Romance me by getting inside my head.  Show me you want to know and share the erotic, dirty, naughty things hidden in my psyche.  Not to take advantage of it but because it could be so damn fun to have that freedom.  I think that is what your writing connects with.  It feels like you know.  And express it SO very well.  European, English, whatever.  I think you are probably all too rare. But you give hope that it's out there. Maybe.

P.S.  Plus we imagine it all in a damn sexy English accent and we are lost.....lol


@TesoroSumiso you are SPOT on girl... absolutely true about the American men and everything else you wrote.  I that is why we connect with purrfectpanther and his writings.. he is a rare breed yet gives us hope all along the while keeping us desiring and wanting more.  Wink Wink

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