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Open relationships going both ways


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With the help of a sex therapist my wife of 23 years and me have recently entered into an open relationship.

She came with me to my professional mistress’s dungeon for a session in her first Dom role.
Freaked me out, but went quite well considering that I never imagined that she would be up for that!

Yesterday she had her first in person stint with one of her new online boyfriends.
Within our agreed rules and my agreement.

Seemed to go well. Sex councillor told her not to talk to me about any details. All I know is that she had a garlic prawn and a glass of Chardonnay with him.
I’m guessing that they had sex, which I support.

Feeling a lot better since I came out and since we engaged with the sex therapist.

Just feeling a little lost in this new scenario.
Do you have similar experience and good advice to share please? Where to next from here?
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