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It's so tight


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Alex walked out to the living room carrying annover night bag.

Her roommate, Nikki,  and her boyfriend were on the couch.

Bitch,  you look hot as fuck. Nikki said.

Alex was wearing a tight, short black dress. Skin tight. Showing off her firm ass and perky tits.

Daddy is taking me to the Four Seasons tonight. I'm hoping he is finally going to fuck me.

Wait... this rich, mature guy you've been seeing for months who spoils you ... you haven't let him fuck.

Yes. Well... no. He hasn't fucked me. Well, won't fuck me. He says I need to be his special good girl before we can fuck.

He got back from Japan a few days ago. He said he wanted to see his special good girl.  So we are meeting at the Four Seasons for dinner and I'm staying the night.

Her phone buzzed. Car is here.  See you later, and ran out the door.

Daddy greeted her in the lobby of the hotel. He kissed her on the cheek, and told he how beautiful she was.

He took her back and walked it to the bell hop. Take this up to my suite. 

The bell hop nodded.

She held Daddys had as they walked into the restaurant and to their booth. 

I missed you Daddy, Alex said.

Oh, I got this for you when I was in Japan. Daddy pulled a velvet box from his suit coat and placed it on the table.

Alex beamed.

I had to get something for my special good girl. 

Alex opened the box. It was a necklace with a silver pendant.

Alex hop over to Daddys side of the booth. Put it on me.

Daddy put it on her and she stayed sitting next to Daddy in the booth through the rest of dinner.

On the elevator ride up to their room Alex held Daddys hand, as soon as they entered the room, Daddy grabbed Alex by the throat and pushed her up against the wall.

I want you, Daddy said.

I'm all yours

You'll be my special good girl?

Yes Daddy.

Only mine?

Yes Daddy, only your special good girl.

He led her by the neck to the desk and sat her on it. He kissed her deeply and spread her legs.

No panties.  Soaking wet pussy. 

Daddy dropped his pants and slid his cock inside her.

It's so fucking tight.

He grabbed her by the throat and held her against the wall.

One long deep, hard and slow stroke.

It's so fucking wet.

Daddy slid in and out.

I'm Cumming Alex yelled.

Her body bucked and throbbed as she came on Daddys cock after 3 deep pumps.

I can't believe I came. I can't believe I came so quickly.

Daddy laid her on on bed and pumped her tight wet pushy.

Alex screamed. Alex moaned. Alex creamed all over Daddys cocktail.

You're my special good girl.

Daddy came deep in Alex's pushy, squeezing her throat tightly as he filled her pushy with his creamy hot cum 

I think of all your stories this is my favourite.
Always a good read from you


You are really creative in your story, thank you....or is it based on a real story...than thank you again for sharing.

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