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Secret playtime

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"Daddy...do you want to know what I'm doing ?"

I'm hiding upstairs in the bedroom and slowly inserting your special glass dildo..the one you got me for my birthday.. and having to be really quiet. I'm just really slowly fucking myself with it.

( squelchy sounds and hot breathless whispers to myself throughout)

Shuddering ..."can you hear how wet I am?" Trying not to get caught really turns me on. But at the same time the thought of being turned this much and not resist playing is Unbearable.  So bad I have to risk playing and getting my arse spanked if I get caught.

It's just so exciting...I can't resist it.

The thought of getting caught just...fuck...really really turns me on.

(Another minute of little sounds of enjoyment and mostly heavy breathing punctuates each line in her stream of baby consciousness.)

I wonder what daddy would do if he caught me playing ?

I wonder if he'd make me stop?

Then punish me.

Or would he stand in the doorway and pretend he hadn't spotted me?

Do you think daddy would like that ? To catch me in the Act. And then to just stand there in the doorway...just watching. ..

"Would you like that , Daddy? "


"Me pushing this little dildo in and out "


" do you want to see my juices...glistening all over this toy? "


"Do you want to watch my eyes role back as I tickle my clit with my thumb ?"


"Or would you join in daddy?"

I'd love you to join in daddy.

You could take over the dildo. You could be in control.

You could slide it in and out. And I could play with my nipples then.

Teasing and pulling at them. Making them really hard.

You know how I love to play with my tits. They're so big.

(Sucking sounds)

They're so big are hard and feel amazing against my lips daddy.

Such perfect soft milky white tits.

I know you like to see me bite them. When I squeeze my nipples.

"Daddy i would love it if you would hold the dildo and I can focus all my attention on my big ..beautiful.. soft ..peachy tits. "

"I know you love it when I put on a show for you daddy."

I want to put on a show for you daddy.  fuck....I wonder if you'll be able to resist ?

I wonder if you'll want to replace that toy with your big meaty cock daddy ?

Or would you tease me.  would you slip the toy out and leave me feeling so empty?

Would that be punishment for playing without you daddy ?

You wouldn't do that to me would you daddy ?

Please don't.  please don't daddy.

Please don't leave me wanting. Please.

Daddy. I need your cock.  daddy please .


Don't just press it against my lips daddy.


Please. (Feeling frantic)

Daddy don't. ..I'll do anything ...please.

Please push it in.

Oh daddy. Oh fuck. Yes .

That's it daddy.

Slide your cock in me daddy.

That's it. Oh yeah. You keep going like that daddy.

And I'll just rub my clit.  oh yes.

Oh daddy. That feels so good.

Thank you

"Aren't you glad you walked in on me daddy ?"

I know I'm not allowed to play without you

I know I'm not allowed to cum without permission.

But I had to play daddy. And aren't you glad you walked in on me ?

Because if you didn't I wouldn't be able to cum on your cock daddy.

Oh daddy. I'm so close.  daddy.

"I really need to cum on your cock now daddy."

Oh daddy. Fuck. I'm going to cum. ..

Fuck. F u c k. F u c k.....daddy


I know I should say thank you for letting me cum. but this one's my little secret. (Giggles) ...mmmm


"Oh.How long have you been standing there daddy?"

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I love it!! Got wet just reading it..and Im stuck at work. Think Im gonna have to take a break and go make myself cum
I would love to know what happens next 😇😇
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@oreo love play at work . Do send me all the finer details. @ravensass I can work on a sequel

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@oreo there's about 20 stories now if you care to scroll back through the bdsm and kinky forum x
Love it. I can do see myself doing that to get in to trouble 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

….Daddy...…. wink wink

Do not stop

Oh wow I like these. So wet reading them I'm never gonna get out of the house at this rate!
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 @Beachlover going out is so overrated. Stay in and read. ..there's plenty more going back a month or so. Glad you like them x

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@Oreo78 sonething about women playing at work makes me tingle
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