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What makes me cum


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Is it wrong that since I was young and saw film where woman was burnt as witch it turned me on and since I've been playing with myself thinking of it
Wondering what *** be like when tied on top pile wood
After brutally taken and ***d
You can achieve an interesting effect with alcohol, which has a flash point of 55° C. Skin can burn as low as 45° so you can't go too wild, but I have kept someone on fire for several seconds without doing more damage than you would expect from light impact play. It's definitely a skill you have to learn slowly.
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Serious emoji there.... 

Shouldn't the above information be vetted before being published.......  or am I over reacting??

(and I realise that  it may have been)

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Absolutely. That is why I said to go slow.

Check wikipedia for the flashpoint and what temperature can do damage. Then do it on your own skin with a small amount of alcohol. I wouldn't do this on a sub without trying it on myself first either.

Of course always keep safety gear on hand too. I have a spray bottle of water (thick stream not mist) and a bowl of water nearby just in case, though I find that I can slap it out. One time I used too much and had to reach for the water.

I was taught the effect at Burning Man so I can't claim credit.

OP- No kink is “wrong” or “bad”. What gets you going should only be your business and no one should judge you for it. If you plan to move it out of the fantasy realm, however you may want to seriously look into the safety aspects. Fire play IS a thing and like any other BDSM activity important to do safely with an experienced partner.

Wow, that's amazing to hear about that. Just be careful when you try.

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Of course it's "wrong". That's why it's fun. ;)

Probably best not to actually try the fire aspect except in a very controlled way as others have said. But you could easily get someone to tie you to a pole and get some horror film props around and brutalised you a bit in a safe and loving way?

Maybe include some pyro if the person knows what they're doing (I can't help with that side) just for the frisson of ***.

But for now, get tied up and ***d for your ungodly ways, you heretical dirty little witch! X
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