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***y hell,  I be turning 60 in 5 days time  and I haven't been collared. Life is so disappointing! 


from other things you've said - I get the vibe this is an idea that's ultimately quite new to you

don't give up

my former Mistress has a sub who is in his 70s who started with Her when he was in mid 60s.  Never too old.

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Being collared is to serve with mind and body


partial. To be collared is to be owned mind and body. That means you are no longer you necessarily. You are just an extension of the person that collard you. You take no responsibility or reward. You are not your own.


But you are owned and if collared by the right master then the care and the love wirks both ways.

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On 8/7/2019 at 11:57 AM, crazyfam said:

collars are something to be earned. I think to many people don't really understand what it is to be collared.

I agree I earned one once but sadly she left me for another guy and I haven't had a collar since also I'm new here

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