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Ghostly Mistress 1


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As he looks through his newspaper, hoping to find a new place to live in the for rent section of the morning paper, he comes across a home that's extremely reasonably priced. 


          Placing a call to the agent he asked if the property is still available, hearing back from the agent telling him yes the property is still available and asking if he would like to come take a look at the house?  


          Driving up to the large home it seems kind of unusual to find such a large beautiful home in the middle of nowhere at such a reasonable price, he gets out of his car. Walking up to the front door, he begins to reach up to knock on the door. 


          The door swings open by the realtor asking him to please enter the house and take a look around. As he walks from room to room followed by the realtor, the realtor answers all the questions that he could think of.  Lastly, why is the house so reasonably priced for such a nice area and such a large home? 


          All the realtor can say is that the owner passed away and the family has not decided whether to sell the house or not so they're offering it to someone basically for upkeep. 


          Agreeing to rent price for the home, the realtor pulls out all the paperwork going over each page one by one, he signs here and dots there initializing over the lines finally completing all the paperwork. The renter writes a check to cover the first and last once rent. 


          Taking the keys from the realtor he wishes her a good day, packing up her bag with all the paperwork for the home the realtor leaves her new tenant in his new home. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world he walks around his new house, looking in each room again closer this time and inspecting everything to ensure that there's no repairs that need to be made. 


          Finally satisfied that everything is in order, he goes back out to his car and gets what little possessions he has, as he walks back with a couple bags and boxes placing each in a different room to where he thinks it would best fit. 


          As the time passes, he's made all the appropriate calls making sure that all the utilities have been switched over to his name. After what feels like it's been an extremely long day of putting away all of his possessions he begins going through the house doing a little light cleaning. 


          He decides to call it a night as he goes up to what's now his master bedroom pulling back the blankets he begins to strip down and get ready for bed.


          Walking into the bathroom that is connected to the master bedroom, he turns on the water to get it hot and begins to get a long hot shower, slowly taking away all the aches and pains of his day. 


          After completing his shower and drying off, walking back into the bedroom he tosses the towel over the back of a chair that was in the corner to dry. Moving over to the bed he runs his hand across the headboard and post loving the look of that four poster bed. With a smile he crawls up under the covers pulling them up getting settled in for the night, so he can be fresh in the morning to return back to work. 


          Drifting off he begins to lightly snore as his body relaxes under the covers on the nice soft bed, after about 2 hours of what he thought was a good solid sleeping time frame he was startled awake as he feels fingers running along his body under the blankets. Flipping the cover back he looks down and sees nothing or no one, just a sensation, thinking that he must have been in a dream and just awoken from the dream he pulls the covers back up and lays his head back down on the pillow as he closes his eyes attempting to go back to sleep. 


          Before he can fall back asleep he feels those sensations along his legs again knowing there's no one in the house just him, he assumes it's just first night jitters in a new place. 


          Running his hand down a long his chest, down towards his groin area his hand covers his cock feeling the beginning of a stir, he gently begins to massage his cock figuring he's all by himself so who's going to really know. Again those sensations creep up and down his legs as his hand moves along his shaft, looking down he sees movement under the covers and not his hand on his cock. It seems like a form is gliding up along his body under the covers watching him move, he begins to become scared, not certain what's going on. 


          Beginning to remove his hand from his cock and move it back up so he can push the covers off the top of him he hears a voice telling him "I didn't tell you you could remove that hand did I slave?" hearing the words he becomes extremely panicked as it begins to try and flip the covers back to see what's going on under his covers. 


          Before he can flip the covers back his arms and legs are grabbed and pulled out to the sides as they are mysteriously strapped onto each of the four posts of the bed, forcing his body to spread eagle across the bed in a pure panic. Attempting to pull his arms and legs free from the bed with no success. 


          The covers are flung off of his body exposing him completely to whoever or whatever has trapped him in his new house. Moving his head from side to side looking everywhere but still seeing nothing or no one he begins to open his mouth to scream for somebody to help him. Taking in a large gulp of air as his lips part beginning to let out that scream of terror he realizes that no sound is coming from his lips but a sensation of moisture begins to cover his face and mouth. 


          With his eyes wide open seeing absolutely nothing over his face other than a sensation of moisture beginning to cover his face again he hears those words coming from someone


 "Eat my pussy slave" 


attempting to move his head from side to side to get out from whatever's on top of him. Only to feel legs lock down on either side of his head holding it in position right below the moisture above him as his mouth is filled with what feels like a pussy.


          Uncertain of what to do the words still ringing in his ears he begins to stick out his tongue moving it up and down and pushing it inward attempting to penetrate the invisible pussy above his face completely terrified of what will happen if he doesn't follow the instructions given to him. 


          As he feels the legs tightening around his head, the pussy being forced deeper into his mouth he not only feels the moisture coming from within it but the heat radiating from it as well as it causes his cock to become rock hard. 


          Hearing the mysterious voice saying "Oh you're doing such a nice job slut" feeling a hand wrap around his hard cock and begin to stroke up and down, the pussy over his mouth begins to move back and forth along his lips and tongue.  Beginning to become extremely excited by this ghostly torture. "That's it slave right there keep that tongue right there lick it slut." Feeling the hand on his cock squeezing tighter and pumping his cock furiously, his excitement grows and his climax gets closer to completion, he knows he has no other choice but to accept the apparition taking his body without remorse for her pleasure completely. 


          The legs wrapped around his head tightened down like a vice holding him in place as he feels hot liquids pouring across his face and down his throat knowing that his ghostly mistress has just climaxed right on his face and mouth pouring every bit of her ghostly pleasure down his throat, sucking every drop from her body as he feels the hot fluids flowing down his throat it pushes him over the edge as his cock begins to shoot hot white cum along his body. 


          "Oh that was wonderful my little slave, I'm going to use you up. You're going to become my personal little fuck toy when ever I choose to use you aren't you my little slave?".


          Still strapped down to the bed knowing that he has no choices left for him, all he can say is yes mistress. Her legs begin to release his head and the weight and pressure of her body glides up off of him as his eyes still look everywhere attempting to see just who has taken his body and his mind and soul for their own. 


          The straps connecting his ankles to the bottom of the bed begin to release from the posts of the bed, he watches the straps begin floating forward towards the top of the bed re-securing to the head post at the bed, beginning to cinch tighter lifting his legs up and apart exposing his ass while slightly lifting his ass off the bed. "Now my little slave I'm going to show you exactly what you're good for" struggling back and forth trying to work the straps loose to release himself from his confinement to no avail.


          Realizing the straps have been securely fastened ensuring his obedience. Unable to see what's going on, the hand that gripped his cock earlier grabs his balls and begins to squeeze them tightly forcing a screen from his lips. "You will obey me won't you slave?". With tears running down his face he acknowledges his new owner with a yes mistress. "Good boy" watching while his balls are being lifted high in the air, as the grip tightens around them another scream is dragged from his throat begging for release, please mistress please mistress it hurts too much please stop mistress. 


          All he hears is laughter coming from the throat of his ghostly mistress "hahaha". As the pressure on his balls begins to release finally he thinks he's about to be set free only to find a pressure building at the opening to his ass. "Now my little slut I'm going to turn you into my little bitch". Without warning his ass is penetrated and stretched as far as it will go as his new mistress takes possession of her property. With each stroke into his ass his balls are pulled like the reins on a horse as she rides him harder and deeper with each new stroke into his ass. 


          Feeling his body being slammed into by his ghostly mistress he knows that his world has just changed, his mistress's cock burrowing deep into his ass and for some reason the more he is fucked the deeper the cock seems to go as if it is growing within him moving further into his body taking every single thing he had for himself and making it hers. 


          "You like that don't you slut. Knowing that you're now my possession?" 


          Yes mistress, as the pain his mistress is causing him begins to turn into pleasure while she rides him just like the little bitch he is to her. Looking up from the bed between his legs a forum begins to emerge of a beautiful woman with large breasts and a shapely body but an evil smile on her face with a slight red glow to her eyes. Smiling "my little slut can see his mistress now can't he?" Yes mistress, you are a very beautiful woman and I am happy to be owned by you my sweet beautiful mistress. 


          "Just remember this my little bitch I will take you anytime anyplace anywhere I so desire and I don't care who's around bitch". 


          Yes mistress, your slut understands and accepts this always my beautiful mistress. Smiling, his mistress releases his balls grabbing his ankles as she lifts her body slightly off the bed and begins to pile drive deeper into her slut's ass. Looking down at her property she watches this cock as she continues to hammer into him as it begins to get hard again, his cock bouncing up and down off of his stomach with each new forceful push of her cock.


           "I like seeing my little bitch get hard for his ghostly mistress". 


          The excitement in his body growing steadily without warning his cock begins to shoot cum along his body again as his mistress quickens her pace fucking him harder as she watches the cum shoot from his cock "That's what mistress likes to see, a good little bitch that comes for her always". Releasing his ankles as she leans back and begins to slowly pull the cock from her sluts ass, "I like to see that my little bitch". Mistress, how is your slave able to see his ghostly mistress? 


          "The more I take your body slave the more you will be able to see me I'm going to drink every bit of cum from your body, but only you will be able to see me slut" she gives his balls a swift slap. Enjoying the screams from her slaves mouth she's pulled from him. The straps securing his hands and ankles to the bedpost begin to release as he falls to the bed. 


          Spent totally without energy to even get up and attempt to escape his ghostly mistress. Watching as his ghostly mistress steps off the bed seeing the cock hanging from her pussy he can't help but notice there is no form of strap-on simply a cock hanging from her pussy, as it begins to slowly shrink down back into her body he knows that she truly owns him at this point. Mistress may your slave please go get a shower and clean up? 


          "Yes slave go clean all that nasty cum off your body". 


          Finally able to move he rolls off the bed and walks over to the shower unsteadily where he crawls in turning the water on as the hot water begins to hit his body he finally begins to relax. 


          Thankful for the support bars in the shower, having noticed them earlier thinking they were there for use by an elderly person to assist in and out of the shower. He's just glad that they're there to hold on to as he cleans his body up. As he begins to reach for the handles in the shower to turn the water off his hands are drug to the safety bar and secured, holding him in place. "You really didn't think I was done with you yet did you slave?" 


          Feeling his feet kicked wide apart opening his ass to an attack again as he feels his ghostly mistress ram up inside of his ass one more time this time without any mercy, his mistress drives completely the full length of her ghostly cock deep into his bowels. "I'm going to wear your ass out slave and then when you think you're done I'm going to do it again and again until I'm finally finished with you my little slut."


          Feeling his legs begin to get weak as he begins to have issues holding himself up a set of hands grab his hips with unbelievable strength as they lift his body as his ghostly mistress continues to ram deep into his ass. "Oh no slave You're not falling down on me until I'm done with you" hearing his ghostly mistresses words ringing in his ears he knows that he has no opportunity for escape from her grasp. 


          Holding her slave at just the right height for her to drive deep into his body, his ghostly mistress rams her hips forward and back penetrating her slave over and over looking down as her cock slides up into her slaves ass, she smiles as she watches her ghostly cock going inch by inch deep into her slaves recesses. Beginning to feel  that warming sensation in her body spreading further and further knowing that she's about to climax into her slaves ass. 


          Pumping with a new vigor inside the slave's ass knowing that when she climaxes this time it won't be pouring out across his face but shooting deep into his body, digging her fingers firmly on his hips she hears his screams of pain from the amount of pressure she's applying to her slave's body. Please my ghostly mistress this is hurting my ass please slow down, laughing at her slaves begging for rest only charges her up even that much more, she drives in even deeper and harder expanding her ghostly cock out even further stretching her slaves ass to its very limit. 


          Finally reaching that point that she's craved multiple times in her life and after her death her body begins to tremble and she rams her ghostly cock all the way to the hilt deep in her slave's ass, she begins pumping wave after wave of her cum into her slave filling him to the point that it's pouring out around her cock buried in his ass.


          As she finally pulls out of her slaves ass letting him slump to the floor of the shower, something new happens as his body begins getting covered in his ghostly mistresses cum all over his body covering him. Even as the rest pours from his ass after his ghostly mistress pumped unimaginable amounts of her cum into him. as he hears her laughing in the background. 


          "Hahaha now slave you can rest you've pleased your mistress" as his mistress vanishes from the shower leaving him secured to the rail hanging by his wrists as the water continues to pour down over him rinsing all of his mistresses cum from his body. After being released from the shower later that night he makes his way back to his bed seeing the straps still dangling from the posts on the bed he knows that he's not done but he hopes that his ghostly mistress will give him enough time to get some sleep. 


          Falling into the bed he passes out sleeping the rest of the night soundly until the alarm goes off at 8:00 a.m. waking him. Looking around he doesn't see his ghostly mistress or her ghostly form anywhere he begins to get dressed picking up his cell phone calling the realtor. 


          As the phone rings he hears his realtors voice as she answers his call, I need to see you over here now. I'm in the middle of an appointment at the moment but give me a few minutes to take care of what I'm doing and I will get there as soon as possible. Hearing a knock at the door, he rushes to the door opening it he finds the realtor standing there with a big smile on her face, you better tell me what's going on here. I have been assaulted in all kinds of ways last night. 


          Walking into the living room offering the realtor a seat, thank you as she begins to take a seat by the fireplace. His realtor begins to tell the tenant I had no choice if I did not provide someone in this home for her to enjoy. She was going to take me in place of whomever if I could not find someone to live in this home. After the night he just went through he fully understood what the ghostly mistress meant when she said your mine until I'm done with you, knowing that she would take this young lady he said don't worry about the money let me out of the lease standing to leave the realtor said I can't do that. 


          Without warning he was drugged back to the bedroom and stripped. Knowing better than to move the realtor stood in place and watched as the tenant was stripped and re-secured to the bed. "Get in here bitch" walking into the bedroom the realtor began removing everything she had on standing at the foot of the bed naked looking down at the tenant secured to the bed with sympathy in her eyes she knew that her day had just started. Pulling on the restraints holding him to the bed seeing that his cock had already become excited and was standing erect he heard his ghostly mistress telling the realtor to get on top of his cock.


          "And slut don't you dare come until I tell you to and bitch you better ride that cock until I tell you to stop do you understand me bitch". 


          Yes mistress, I understand you as she climbs onto the bed straddling the tenants cock and lowers her pussy down on top of it feeling it as it penetrates her pussy. With a slow rhythmic motion the realtor begins to ride the tenant up and down enjoying the feel of his cock as he penetrates her pussy. Pushing the realtor forward so that her ass is exposed, "it's your turn now bitch" feeling her tenants cock moving up and down inside of her pussy the sudden shock hits her as her ghostly mistress penetrates her ass at the same time filling her completely as she rides both cocks at the same time. 


          "Slut suck those bitches tits" taking the realtors nipple into his mouth he begins to suck and bite on the nipple to please his mistress. With all the added excitement of riding both cocks and feeling her nipples being sucked and bitten, her climax grows faster than she's ever known as she explodes covering both her ghostly mistress and the tenant with her juices. Pulling out of the realtor's ass she stands beside the bed "I didn't tell you to stop bitch keep writing that cock I want him to fill that pussy of yours with his cum." 

hearing those words of this ghostly mistress pushes him over the edge as his cock begins to fill the realtor's pussy with load after load of his cum. 


          "Stay on top of that cock bitch," the realtor lying still on top of the tenant with his cock still buried up in her pussy filled with his cum. Her mistress stretches her out alongside the tenant securing her in place leaving them connected. "Good slave's Mistress is going to take a nap. I'll be back to finish you off later". Both of them still connected by his cock watches the ghostly mistress begin to fade, leaving them bound on top of each other on the bed awaiting their ghostly mistress return..

Oh my god.... this has me, I want this, I need a house like this! 🤤
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