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The Shape of Water


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I texted Baby that I was on my way and would be there in 10 min. We had fought in the past few days. Daddy was out of town.  Baby went out to dinner with a "friend". She pushed all my buttons.  She meant so much to me, but we were just not connecting. 


The front door was locked.

I knocked.


I rang the doorbell.


I texted. 


I held the doorbell down.

Baby appeared in the glass door.

Are you going to pay for it when you fucking break it? She yelled through the door.

She unlocked the door and walked away.

I opened the door and walked in.

I walked through the house and to the kitchen

I brought over food for dinner


Yeah? She asked sternly. 


Yeah... grabbed some steaks. You said you liked the way I made them the last time.


Oh did I?


I started to prepare dinner.


Baby pour herself a large glass of wine.


I looked around the kitchen.


Where the bottle of bourbon I left here?


What? She said sternly.


The bottle of bourbon?


Oh this? She reached under the sink and pulled it out. She didn't break.eye.contact. She popped the cork and poured it down the drain.


Are you kidding me?




I walked over and grabbed her by the hair.


You won't do anything about it.


I twisted her and pulled her in. Her back against my chest, her ass pressed against my crotch. My hand on her throat.


I slid.my hand between her thighs and pulled up her dress.  I rubbed her pussy through her panties. She was already soak. She tried to pull away but I pulled her in  closer. Squeezed her throat harder. Rubbed her pussy faster. She moaned.  


Daddy... daddy.


I worked her pussy hard and steady with my fingers, squeezing her body against mine.


She came hard and yelled out.


I smiled as she panted and collected herself


Feel better? She asked me.


I'm fine. How are you?


Whatever. She took her glass of wine with the bottle and walked out to the back patio.


Fucking hell.... I muttered. 


I finished making dinner and carried the plates to the patio. She was sitting at the table by the pool.


Here you go....


She looked at the plate.


She picked it up, whistled for the dog and placed the plate on the floor.


The dog devoured the streak. 


That was a $40 filet.


And Rover thanks you.


I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the chair. Her wine glass dropped and shattered on the floor.


I pulled her into the house and led her into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and slammed the door.


Ooh big man.


I pushed her down on her stomach and lift up her dressed.


I slapped her ass with one firm smack.


Ugh, she moaned out.


I smacked her ass again.


And again and again and again.


I rolled her over and held her by her throat. She looked at me with excitement in her eyes.


I dropped my pants and fed her my balls. 

She sucked them.


She sucked on me balls and my limp cock grew hard.


I slapped my cock on her face and put it.in her mouth.


I held her throat and made her swallow all of me.


I stripped her naked and rolled her back on her stomach


She tried to get up. 


I.smacked her ass. 

She yelped and laid back down.


I pulled the lube from.the nightstand and poured in it on her ass.


She started to squirm. I pressed my body weight on her and held her down.  Handful of hair holding her down. 


I fingered her ass hole.with my thumb. All lubed up


I mounted her. Pulled her hips up, keeping her face buried in the bed.


I lubed up my cock and slowly worked the head in her tight ass.


She took a deep breath and swallowed hard. She moaned out.


You just can't help but be a fucking brat. I pushed my cock deep in her ass with one long, slow and steady stroke.


She moaned out


What? I grinded in harder.


Daddy! She moaned.


I slowly pulled my cock back.


Daddy is so good to you, and all you want to do is fight.


No Daddy. She whispered.


I pressed her head into the bed as I pumped my cock slowly in her ass.


Baby moaned out.


Daddy loves Baby so much. But you just love pushing my buttons.


Daddy she moaned.


You're mine. All of you. All of the time.


She didn't respond. She was just breathing hard.


I slapped Baby's ass and pumped my cock further inside her tight hole.


Yes Daddy.


That mouth is mine. Those eyes are mine. That pussy is mine. Those perky huge tits are mine. This ass. This tight ass that is being filled by my cock is mine.


Yes Daddy.


No one else can have it. 


I pumped her ass faster and pulled her hair tugging her head back and grabbed her throat with my other hand.


Can anyone else have you?


No Daddy.


Who do you belong to?


You Daddy.




I'm yours Daddy all yours. 


I pumped her ass deeper and harder. She screamed out.




Who's ass is this?


Yours Daddy




Yours! Uuuuuh, she moaned.


I pumped Baby hard and deep.


My cock swelled and exploded as I came deep in Baby's ass. 


I moaned out for her.


I fell forward. My mouth next to her eat.


Are you going to be a good girl and not push Daddy's buttons. She smiled and nodded.

I promise to be Daddys good girl.

Of course, we all know she won’t. Nicely written, thanks for sharing.
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