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Adjustment - Dark Daddy


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Daddy had been in Europe for the past week. He arrived at the airport excited to see baby. 


He searched the crowd, he didn't see her. He called.

Ringing and then went to voice-mail.


She called back. Sorry, was on the phone with Beth. I'm 10 minutes from airport.  I'll meet you at passager pick up.




The house was messy when Daddy got home. Laundry was not put away. Dishes in sink. Trash needing to be taken out.




Oh hey, Daddy. I decided to buy that painting we were talking about. Beth was over, we were drinking and talking... and she was like DO IT. I know is was really expensive, but I put it on your credit card.




I'm going to shower? Want to join me?

No Daddy, you shower, I'm going to get in the pool for a bit.




Baby came back into the house and it was quiet. 




Are you making dinner or are we going out?



He wasn't in the bedroom. Shower hadn't been used.



He wasn't in the office.


Baby looked the guest bedroom. No Daddy.


As she went to turn out of the bedroom, a flash went past and shoved her into the bedroom and the door slammed.


It was pitch black in the room.


Daddy, what the....


Swack! Had across her face.


She yelped.


He grabbed her hair and dragged her onto the bed.

Forcing her down, she struggled as he stripped her down naked.


A handcuff on ear wrist, connected to the rod iron headboard.


Ooooh, big man now....


Swack! Another slap across the face.


He left her in the room.


Fuuuuuuuuck you she screamed.


Time passed, but she didn't know how much.


Fuuuuuuck you. 


He came in the room and grabbed her head, shoving the ball gag in her mouth and straping it tight.


He applied her nipple clamps with the chain and gave them a firm tugg.


She screamed through the ball gag.


More time passed.


She screamed through the ball gag and kicked her feet.


He came back in and got her big vibrator. Cranked it up to high and firmly pressed it against her pussy.  Her body twitched and squirmed as she tried to move away from the intensity.  She couldn't.


She came hard. She came hard again. And again. 

He tugged on her nipple clamps. She screamed and creamed over and over and over.


He took the ball gag out.


Still want to be a little bitch?


No, please. Please. I cannot take anymore. 


Oh, too bad. He put the toy on her pushy agai n and cranked it up to high.


She screamed and squirted.


Daddy please please.please. I can't take any more.


Daddy's not here right now.


He put the toy on her again, tugged on her nipple clamps and fucked her face with his cock.


She gagged as he forced her to swallow him while she screamed out cumming over and over.


He uncuffed her and rolled her on her stomach.

He slid his cock into her soaked pushy and pumped her hard and deep.


Who's pussy is this?




Are you going to be a little bitch?


No, Daddy. I'm sorry. Please Daddy please.


He pumped her hard and deep until he was on the edge.


He pulled out, stroked his cock and squirted he cum all over her face and hair.


She laid panting and covered in cum.


The light flicked on as Daddy came in the room.


Hey baby, do you want to take a shower now?

54 minutes ago, Angelbaby865 said:

Mercy 🫦🫦

That's not the safe word

Oh shit! She fucked up bad! I would have enjoyed watching this from a dark corner or closed circuit tv.
Experience: HELL NAW!
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