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A Walk with Miss


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Here’s a short little story of the fans of gentle femdom…

A Walk with Miss

"Sweetie, stop here for a bit," her voice said softly.

Her hand that was holding his on their leisurely walk through the park gave a gentle squeeze, a reminder that she wanted his full and complete attention. Immediately he stopped in his tracks as instructed, and in that instant, she had his full attention and complete obedience.

A moment ago they'd simply been a happy couple enjoying a delightful walk together on a beautiful fall day. But now, as she often delighted in doing, she was about to give him a little reminder of the control he had relinquished to her.

"Back up against the fence for me, my sweet boy," she instructed in a soft voice, her hands already on his waist, guiding him to where she wanted him to put him on display for her.

She smiled and let out a soft growl of satisfaction at his unquestioning compliance. "Mmm, very good. Now, stretch your arms out to the side against the fence and don't move... not until I say."

Although the two of them could sense the erotic electricity in the air, to nearby onlookers it appeared as nothing more than a romantic moment unfolding between a happy couple. As much as she enjoyed the rush of excitement she felt when she effortlessly sent this man spiraling in to a flustered, submissive headspace, she was not a fan of overtly obvious displays of this side of their relationship in public. Not if it drew attention to them or perhaps made others around them uncomfortable.

Still, she was a mischievous, creative and resourceful woman. Where there was a will there was a way, and at the moment she wanted nothing more than to offer a little reminder to this man that she owned him.
And if that meant she had to find a socially acceptable way to make that point clear to him, she was more than capable of finding a way to do so. Even while strolling through a park.

Stepping slightly closer, she gently laid her hand on him, just above his waist. As if the position she’d placed him in didn't already have his mind reeling, in a soft voice she planted a seed in his already whirring mind.

"Look at you... all spread out for me... "

She smirked at the barely audible sound of arousal that her words provoked from him.

"Mmm, you're thinking about it already, aren't you baby?," she teased. "Imagining what it would be like... the feel of the rope winding around your arms.... your legs... your waist... your body being bound to the fence so I can do with you as I please...."
“Oh god, Miss...," he whispered. Already he felt feverish and flustered, his heart racing, his cock throbbing at her words.

"You are, aren't you?” she persisted softly. "You're feeling it already, I can tell... that feeling you get when the last restraint is in place and you know you're so very helpless.... that sense of excitement you get when you know I'm about to have my way with you and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it...."

"Yes Miss," he panted softly, his body subtly trembling as he became more and more lightheaded by the moment.

Nearly touching her lips to his, she whispered, "My cock is getting hard for me, isn't it my needy boy?.... it wants my touch, doesn't it?... it wants to be stroked...."

"Yessss...," he confessed.

"Imagine it," she encouraged in a murmur. "How strong and warm my hand feels wrapped around your cock... you love the way I stroke you, don't you?... the way I take my time with you?... the way I get you so hard and excited, then keep you right there for such a long... long... time?"

Her eyes were now filled with lust of her own at the sound of his whimpers. Her lips so close she could taste the warm sweetness of his breath. Her thigh pressed between his legs made him want to grind his aching cock against her. But he knew that was inappropriate in such a public setting and would be grounds for punishment.

"How badly do you want your Miss right now?," she whispered wickedly.

With his mind reeling he all but whimpered, "My god, Miss, you're killing me.... your boy wants you so bad... please??"

A triumphant smirk crossed her face as she growled, "Mmm, I know you do, my pet.... and the moment we get back home, Miss wants you to show her just how badly.... from your knees. Will you do that for your Miss?"

Panting and barely able to breathe, he nodded, "Yes.... I would love that more than anything.... thank you..."

Finally, her lips touched his, kissing him softly. With a sweet smile she murmured, "Mmm, good boy. Now, that we've got you all worked up and excited just the way I like you.... let's finish our walk, shall we?"
Woah !!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️
Beautiful and evocative writing as always. Thank you for sharing.
God, I would love to do this on a walk with my sweet little sub 🥰
It’s an incredible account ... the issue is this: where in reality, is there a woman who is capable of actually doing this? Pls get her in touch with me 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tuesday at 01:08 AM, yourman57 said:
It’s an incredible account ... the issue is this: where in reality, is there a woman who is capable of actually doing this? Pls get her in touch with me 🙏🏼🙏🏼

I like to believe I’m capable of doing, and have done similar things, as this story. I think @dirtykindoflove would agree. Just like good Dom’s, good Dommes are a rare breed. We’re out there, but a profile without any public pics is not putting your best foot forward. The rest of your profile is a really good start!

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