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Fridays are for Brats (trigger warning)


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Daddy was shaving when Baby woke up on Friday morning. 


She walked to the bathroom door. I love watching you shave. My Daddy, she said with a smile.


I've got a 10-12 Zoom meeting with a client today. They not happy and I'm trying to fix it.


Boooo, Baby said. I'm off today.


If you're a good girl, after my meeting, we can go to lunch and get day drunk.


Baby smiled. If I'm a good girl.... 


Daddy was in the office on his call. The desk was positioned so he faced the door with his back to the wall.


Baby stood by the door.


Daddy looked up at her and then back at the computer.


She huffed and went into the bedroom.


Baby came back, standing in the doorway, wearing one of Daddy's dress shirt, with only 1 button closed.


She unbuttoned the button as Daddy watched. 

Opening the shirt to show her soft curves, only wearing matching black bra and panties.


Daddy looked back down at his computer and began to talk.


Baby huffed off and came back a few minutes later only wearing the shirt and panties, no bra.


She stood in the doorway and rubbed her 34DDDs as Daddy watched.


He liked his lips and then looked back down at his computer. 


Baby huffed and slid off her panties.


She tossed them towards Daddy.


He looked at her with a stern face. And slowly shook his head no.


She leaned against the doorframe. She rubbed her tits with one hand and her pussy with another.


Daddy down at his computer. 


Baby got on all 4s and crawled unti the desk.

She was rubbing Daddys things to make him swell.


He pushed away her hands.

She persistented.

She rubbed his cock through his pants.


He cleared his throat,  and pushed her hands away.


He started talking "While I understand you have concerns.... "


Baby grabbed his cock and squeezed it. Rubbed it.


Daddy was talking. He tried to slap her hand away.


She pressed her mouth against his pants and bit at his cock through his pants.


Daddy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her away. Slapped her on her cheek.


Daddy pushed her away with his feet.


She crawled away and stood up infront of the desk.


Baby huffed and walked out of the office.


She came back with her tiny vibrator. 

Baby leaned against the door jam and worked her clit stimulator on herself. 


She rubbed her DDDs and worked her pussy, while Daddy watched. 


She gave out a light moan.


Daddy shook his head.


He cleared his throat.... "Yes, I agree with the assessment  and...."


Baby kept working herself. She bit her lip and tugged on her nipples.


Daddy gave her a stern look.


She kept going. I'm going to come she moaned out.


Daddy shook his head slowly.


I'm Cumming. She moaned out as her body convulsed and her tits bounced. I'm Cumming!


She went to her knees panting.


Daddy cleared his throat...."Sorry... was taking notes and couldn't get off mute. We have a way forward, and we will get this plan into action... "


Baby got up and looked at Daddy, she sucked on her little vibrator. 


Well, thank you all for your time.  Great conversations... Have a great weekend all.


Baby's eyes got big and she ran out of the office.


You fucking little brat! Daddy yelled from the office.


Where the fuck are you?


Daddy! Baby yelled from the kitchen.

I just wanted attention. 


Well, now you have it....


Daddy stomped down the stairs.


She wasn't in the kitchen


You're only going to make this worse.


He walked towards the front door. 


Baby was in the dining room, standing against the wall.


Daddy pressed his body against her. He stood nose to nose with her.


Daddy, I'm sorry. She kissed his face.

I'm sorry, she kissed his neck.

Baby kissed his chest, I'm sorry.

She kissed lower and lower.

She was on her knees and pulled out his cock.

She sucked on it hard.

Daddy grabbed her head and held it.

The back of her head was pressed against the wall.

Daddy fucked her mouth. She took all of Daddy in her mouth and couldn't breathe. 

Daddy trusted deeper. She slapped his thigh


He didn't let up.


She dug her nails into his thigh, but he pushed harder.


She squeezed his thigh two times, and he released her.


She gasped for air and coughed. 

Spit dripping from her mouth. 

Eyes watering and tears streaming down her face.


You couldn't help yourself,  could you?


He slapped her face with his cock. 

Couldn't help it.

He rubbed his cock all over her face.


Now you'll pay the price for being a brat.


He took his belt off. He wrapped it around her neck and tugged.


She got on all 4s and walked while Daddy led her. 


He took her to the stairs and led her halfway up.


He mounted her, and slid his cock right inside her.

He grabbed her head and pulled it back. 

Hand on her throat, Hand under her chin. Arching her back.


In her ear he whispered, you're my whole. You only act like a whole for Daddy when he wants it.  Otherwise you're a good girl. Understand?


He pumped her hard and deep


Yes Daddy she whispered.


What? He asked as he slapped her ass hard.


Yes Daddy, she moaned.


I cannot hear you bitch and slapped her ass again. 


I'm your whore Daddy. Your whore, your whore she screamed out.


Fuck, I'm going to cum Daddy. 


He pulled out. No you're not.


Daddy? Owe. It hurts. Let me cum please.


He grabbed the belt and tugged, leading her up the stairs.


At the top on the landing, he laid her on her back.

He sat on her face, and put his balls in her mouth and flopped his cock on her face.


She sucked on his balls. Mmmmmm... Daddy.


Fucking whore Daddy replied. 


Daddy slapped his cock on her face, as she sucked harder on his balls.


He grabbed the belt and tugged.


My slot.


Daddy stood up and pulled on the belt. Baby crawled on all 4s behind Daddy to the bedroom.


He stood her up and pressed her against the wall.

He kissed her deeply.

Grabbed her DDDs and tugged on her nipples.

He worked his fingers on her clip.

He sucked her nipples and finger banged her while she was pressed against the wall.


Daddy felt Baby on the edge and pushed her over.


She came hard on Daddys fingers as she sucked on his tongue.


Her body convulsed. 


Daddy pulled off the belt and grabbed her by the throat. 


Whose pussy is this?


Your pussy Daddy she screamed.


Daddy laid Baby on the bed and spread her legs wide open. 


He slid his cock inside, filling her up.

Both hands on her throat while he pumped her.


Hard, deep and fast. 


Baby moaned out 


She came and squirted.


Daddy fucked her harder.


She squirted again, soaking both of them and the sheets 


She was drifting into her orgasm zone. 

Daddy slapped her. Stay here.

Stay here. Slapped her again


Baby came again.


Daddy pumped hard and fast while he ***d her.

Are you going to be a brat?


No Daddy!


Are you going to be a bitch and piss me off?


No Daddy!


Are you Daddys where?


Yes Daddy?


My slut?




Daddy pulled his cock  out and stroked it infront of Baby's face.


He shot his Daddy juice all over her pretty face as she opened her mouth.


Daddy let go of his cock and it slapped Baby's face.


She quickly grabbed it to such out the rest of his cum.


Daddy was getting off the bed and slapped Baby's ass.


Hey brat, change the sheets since you made a mess.


Yes Daddy she smiled.

Umm so Fridays are great, but what about Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays?
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