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Daddy fulfills your fantasy


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Daddy told you that he had a surprise waiting for you this weekend and you hoped it was a new squishmallow to take home and add to your growing collection. The last one daddy got you, daddy sprayed his Armani Black Code cologne all over and you slept with it every night since but sadly it’s losing its scent. A new stuffie means more of smelling daddy when it’s bedtime.

You grew impatient as Daddy did boring work stuff and your hand ***ly started rubbing your panties under your pretty sundress. Oops Daddy caught you rubbing without permission but instead of spanks, he told you to come sit on his lap and “do that here”. You did as told and hopped on daddy’s lap squirming your butt against Daddy’s toy. You hoped punishment wouldn’t mean not getting your new stuffie surprise

Daddy helped you out of your pretty dress so you wouldn’t make a mess and slipped off your cute panties and you leaned your back against Daddy’s fuzzy chest. You saw that Daddy had ended his grownup work call and you smiled having all his attention again. Daddy grabbed the hand that was rubbing your pussy and wrapped his big strong hand around it. He guided your hand back to your pussy and started using his hand to guide you. It took you a second to realize what he was doing but you quickly realized that daddy was using your own hand to masturbate you. You let your hand go limp, enjoying giving complete control of your body once again to Daddy. Daddy had instructed you how to play with your pussy and even played with it for you but this was different; he was controlling speed, power and where to rub but it was your touch. You loved the feeling of being daddy’s toy but with this new activity, you felt more like a puppet being controlled by daddy’s hand and you loved it. You love being controlled and used and you know how happy it makes him.

Daddy pauses for a moment and pulls out a silk blindfold from his pocket and puts it on you without saying a word. Being a good girl, you smile, looking forward to what’s next. Daddy tells you to continue to rub just like he showed you, while he starts rubbing and pinching your big beautiful boobs. His free hand grabs your neck and you press against it hoping for the dizziness it brings.

You hear a noise and think it must be the dog but you thought he was locked in his room. You feel a cold hand on your thigh but realize both daddy’s hands are accounted for. You naturally recoil a bit but daddy whispers reassuring words in your ear, reminding you he is there and you are completely safe. Daddy tells you to be a good girl and take out daddy’s cock from his boxer briefs. You stand up a bit to slide them down as much as you can buy the position you’re in prevents you from pulling them all the way down. You sit back in daddy’s lap atop his hard cock waiting for daddy to slide it in. For a second you forgot about the mysterious third hand but you are quickly reminded as a mouth begins teasing your pussy. It’s soft, no stubble and then you feel the long hair brushing against you. Be a good girl and spread your legs wider princess. You of course do as Daddy tells you. You feel daddy lift you up by your ass and slip his big cock inside you while the mouth never stops licking.

I tell you both, “I’m so happy to see my girls getting along together” and you moan as daddy presses deeper inside you. You’re still facing her, spread wide and she’s licking you up and down, as you ride me. You could tell that she was licking part of my cock at the same time with her long strokes. I grab your hips and slow you down so you can enjoy her working your pussy. Slow strokes. I whisper in your ear that’ she’s here to clean up the mess of cum I’m going to fill your belly with and you get worked up slamming down hard on my cock; grinding your clit against her mouth while you bounce harder in my lap. You push me over the edge forcing me to explode into you. She doesn’t stop licking, continuing to tease you, while making sure to get all the cum as it starts to leak out of you. You cum against her mouth and your pussy squeezes hard against my softening cock, pushing it out. She continues to drink our juices mixed together and kisses you so that you can taste the sweetness of our mixture.

She lifts your blindfold and tells you that you better start sucking daddy and get him hard again because now it’s her turn…
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