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Co-Domming/Cucking a sub/sissy Etiquette


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Firstly I'm not sure if this is the right place for this - apologies if not.

Let's say my partner switches - she subs for me but also Doms others and her sub has a cuck fantasy and wants to see her fucked by another guy (IE me). She also wants to try '***d bi'/having her sub clean me off (the only way they'll get close to tasting her!) afterwards. 

Anyway my query is whether there a given etiquette in terms of how I should refer to my sub-whos-a-Domme while this is happening (EG She's not my Mistress but she is *a* Mistress during this scene?) is there a more polite term that says 'you're a Domme/Mistress but we're equals' (Like Miss X instead of Mistress X) or do we both refer to each other as Sir and Ma'm regardless - but I think that put us at the level of the submissive.

While I appreciate I'm *her* Dominant, and that the scene is primarily about her being in control of the sub, I don't want to undermine that, but similarly I don't want to undermine our personal dynamic either by using subservient titles while playing a dominant role.

I hope all of that makes sense!


there's different ways to do it depending on the dynamic you want to do.

so for example generally in a double Domme scene, one would still refer to the other by their preferred honorific 

as this person is normally your sub - you can either still refer to them as Miss/Mistress/Ma'am and it be equal

or, you could still refer to them as a lesser title than yourself... whilst not for me, there are cucks who like that their Mistress is a sub to someone else - they kinda like their place in the chain.

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