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You Made Me Wait (Trigger warning:CNC )


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She called and said she would be in town.


When this started, you said it you would be in town once or twice a month. The first 3 months, you held true, but now it's been 4 months.


I'm sorry. With winter and Holidays, there just wasn't any travel to you. I'm sorry. I will make it up to you.


Going to please me and make up for 4 months in one visit?


I will.


Going to let me use you?




Going to take everything I give you?




We will see.....




He knocked on her hotel room door.


She opened it with a smile, and her eyes got big.

You're here!


As he walked into the room, she leaned in for a hug.


He put his arm up and stepped to the side.


He looked around the Suite. Nice room.

She was wearing a button down blouse and skirt, showing off her soft curves. Sexy boss lady vibes.


Ummm... yeah.... everything ok?


He had this devilish grin on his face.


Ok? Hear that? She asked if everything is OK, as he inched closer to her.


No... he moved closer.


Everything.... closer.


Is not.... closer.


Ok.... he grabbed her by the back of the hair and shoved her to her knees.


He rubbed her face against the crotch of his pants.

She could feel his cock swelling.


You're not being useful.


He unzipped his pants, and shoved her cock in her mouth.


She gagged and fought against him, but he over powered her. Two hands on her head fucking her mouth with his cock.


He let her go.


She gagged and coughed on her spit.


Slow down she gasped.


He held her chin up. She looked up at him from down on her knees.


Oh, you want me to slow down?


She nodded with spit dripping from her face.


Tough. He slapped her.


She growled at him


He slapped her again.


She growled again.


He ripped open her blouse and threw it on the floor.


He pulled her tits out of their cups leaving her bra on.


He pinched her nipples. 

She yelped.


He reached into his pocket and pulled out 2 Bobby pins. He placed one on each nipple, then gave them a squeeze. 


He slapped his cock on her face and then on her nipples.  She moaned.


He stripped naked and folded his clothing neatly on the desk chair.


He sat on the couch. And told her to come with his finger.


She crawled to him.


Sucked it.


She put his cock in her mouth and sucked it.

Her mouth moved up and down on his cock fast and deep. She started to stroke this cock with her hand while she sucked his.


He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his cock. 


He slapped her.


Suck it.


He slapped her again


Suck it. Stupid fucking whore, not stroke it.


He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth, holding her head down and grinding his hips.


She struggled, but couldn't get him off of her.


He let her go.


Stupid bitch can't even suck cock correctly.


Suck my balls.


Her mouth latched onto his balls. Both of them in her mouth. She sucked. He stroked his cock while she sucked his balls.


Eat my ass.


She looked up. No.


Eat. My. Ass.


She didn't move.


He grabbed her head and shoved his ass in her face. Eat it bitch.


He rubbed his ass on her face.


She stuck her tongue in his asshole.


Mmmmmm... there you go.. 


Her tongue going in and out of his ass. He stroked his cock while she worked his asshole.


He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his ass.


He stood up and put his balls in her mouth with his cock draping her face.


She sucked his balls, looking up at him. 


Get naked and go lay on the bed.


He slapped his cock on her face.


She stripped, walked to the bed and laid down. He stood next to the bed and admired her body.


Ran his hand up her leg, stomach, and chest.  He stopped his hands at her nipples and squeezed the Bobby pins. He ran his hand back down her body and rubbed her clit.  


She was soaked and moaned out. He slapped her pussy. She moaned again.


He mounted her face and put in cock in her mouth while he continued to rub her pussy. 


He was on top of her, cock down her throat, while he worked her pussy with both hands. Fingers inside her, fingers on her clit. 


Gagging as he fucked her face with no relief.

On the edge of back to back to back orgasims as he worked her pussy.


She squirted as she came. His cock still fucking her face.


He got off of her. Slapped his cock on her face.  Standing next to the bed, one hand playing with Bobby pins on her nipples, the other hand working her pussy.


She came and squirted again.


He grabbed her by the legs and slid his cock inside her.


She moaned out as he filled her up. He pumped her with hard, long and deep strokes. She squirted on his cock right away, as she screamed out.


He slapped her. She growled at him.


He pumped her harder pushing her down as she squirmed under him. He pussy and body were on over load.


She tried to push him off. He held her down by the throat and fucked her. Every few pumps he would slap her.


Look at me. Slap.


He pumped her harder and deeper. 


Look at me. Don't drift away. Slap


He put both hands around her throat and pumped her. Choking. Hard, deep and fast.


Slap. Look at me.


She stared him in the eyes.


He pumped her.


His cock swelled right before he exploded in her pussy. She moaned out as he moaned out and came inside her. Filling her up with his hot sticky cup.


He collapsed on top of her. His body weight pressing down. His mouth next to her ear.


Don't make me wait again. 

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