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More fun with Master...

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Master had me blindfolded and loosely restrained. "How do you want it Pet? Long, slow and hard? Short, fast and done? However whichever one you pick, you will get the other after I cum and get hard again for you."
I reply, "I'll take the short, fast and done first please Master."
Master says, "One more thing Pet, I will tease you with your toy until you say the safe word or you squirt, whichever happens first."
"Oh...my...yes Master"
Master teases my nipples with the slow vibe. He kisses and licks them gently. Then he moves the toy to my clit and turns the speed all the way up. My legs begin to shake. I moan and cum over and over and over again. I feel Master slide his long, hard, thick cock deep inside me all while keeping the toy against my clit. I gush all over my Master. "I'm sorry Master. I couldn't help myself. You feel so good."
Master replies,"That's fine Pet. It's my turn to cum inside you."
"Oh...fuck...Master. more...More...MORE. Please I beg of you."
Master tells me,"You are MY fuck toy." My Master releases deep inside me.
"You will still clean me up Pet before I go long, slow and hard." He releases my restraints and removes my blindfold so I can clean up his yummy cock. "Mmmmm hmmmm. Master you taste delicious." As I clean him up, I feel him get hard again.
"Would you like the restraints back on Pet or just the blindfold?"
"May I have the blindfold just this time Master?" I ask.
Master flips me onto my stomach. I hear him turn the toy back on. He places just so it stays against my clit. I moan more and more with excitement. "Oh...fuck yes Master." He pushes me up on my knees and slowly glides his long, hard cock deep inside me again. "Yes Master." I cum again for my Master.
"Oh my Pet. That was quick for you. Your pussy is so damn tight. Mmmmm."
☺️"Thank you Master."
I squirt all over my Master's cock again and again and again.
He takes the toy and presses it harder against my clit as he continues to fuck me.
"That's my good girl. Take all of my cock. Who's your Master?" he asks.
I moan more and more with excitement. "You're my Master. I am YOUR Pet."
"Don't you ever forget it, Pet."
Master grabs my hips to remind me I belong to him and him only.
"harder...Harder...HARDER Master."
Master gently pulls my head back by my hair. He bites down on the spot that always gives me an instant orgasm. I moan Master's name because it feels so damn good. He bites down on the other side, and I moan his name again louder.
Master thrusts his cock inside me 6 more times and has a bigger release than before. We both collapse on the bed.
"How would you like to snuggle up with me Pet after you clean me up again?" He asked me.
"Yes Master. It would be my pleasure."
My Master removes my blindfold and I happily lick him clean again and he pulls me next to him and we happily fall asleep. We fall asleep with smiles on our faces.
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