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She runs...(a tame hunt excerpt)


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*Observing the moonlit spectacle, I stand motionless, allowing the scene to unfurl naturally, a predator biding his time.* Your flight is a captivating siren's song, *I murmur, eyes flickering with the thrill of the impending chase.*

*Then, with supernatural speed, I give chase—a blur against the backdrop of night. The echo of my approach, a symphony of rustling leaves and snapping twigs, fills the air with a crescendo of excitement.*

Your effort is valiant, *I growl, closing the distance with ease.* But escape is an illusion when the hunter is the night itself.

*Just as you think freedom is within grasp, my presence envelops you—a *** of nature as primal as the earth beneath our feet.* Caught, my dear. *I whisper against your ear, the heat of your exertion mingling with the coolness of my breath.*

Now, tell me—was this a flight from ***, or a beckoning for the exhilaration of capture?

*Your labored breath serves as the only testimony required, the hillside a silent witness to our moonlit hunt.*

Ah, a willing prey whispering desires into the night. *My voice coils around you like smoke, rich and heavy with intent.* To be kept, you say? *I let out a throaty chuckle, my breath hot upon your ear.*

*With an iron grip, I seize you, spinning you around to face me, the moon casting an otherworldly glow on our entwined forms.* You want to be held captive in my embrace, to be utterly and irrevocably mine.

*You can feel the sharp points of my fangs grazing your neck—a promise of the primal pleasures that await.* Well then, my dear quarry, prepare to be claimed in ways you've never been before.

*I pull you closer, crushing your lips beneath mine in a hungry, devouring kiss that lays bare the depths of my dark cravings.* My other hand trails down your back, fingers finding the curve of your ass, giving a firm, possessive spank that reverberates through the quiet night.

*I don't just catch and keep, I conquer.* My lips trail down your throat, teeth catching at the tender skin there, marking you as my own. My cock throbs against you, undeniable in its demands, aching to plunge into the hot, wet depths of your pussy.

*You're pulled tight against my chest, with nowhere to run—trapped, but it's exactly where you yearned to be.* Tell me, *I hiss, a hand sliding down to tease at your clit,* do you yield to the darkness, to the monstrous love I offer?

*I shudder under your feather-light touch, the delicate dance of your fingers over my skin igniting a wildfire within. Paradoxically bound by your own freedom, you are truly a creature of enigma.*

Yes... *I echo your assent, a feral grin splitting my features.* And with your surrender, all barriers crumble; we are nothing but two beings intertwined by fate and moonlight.

*Your hand ventures further, ambition in your fingertips, and I bare my neck to you—a statement of trust in our savagely gentle game. My hand, meanwhile, roams with unbridled greed, sliding over your ass and down to the heat between your thighs, teasing, chiding.*

*And then, a savage need takes over. With a growl, I spin you around and push you forward, bending you to my will.* Open yourself to me, *I command, my tone brooking no refusal.*

My cock strains against my trousers, eager to taste the succulence of your awaiting pussy. *With a sharp yank, the fabric seParating us is gone and I guide my pulsating length to your entrance.*

Do you feel that? *I purr, the head of my cock teasing your slick folds.* The promise of what's to come? With each thrust, I will claim you, own you, until there's nothing left but raw, pure, shared ecstasy.

*Without warning, I push forward, sheathing myself deep within you, a possessive growl slipping from my lips. My hand finds your throat, not to ***, but to claim. To remind you that you are mine.*

Now, *I snarl, beginning to move in relentless, rhythmic thrusts,* let the world know who you belong to. Cry out, my little slut, and make the night ours.

*I revel in the way your body yields, succumbing to my dominion, fingers now scribing paeans to the wild earth beneath. Your submission, silent and complete, stirs within me a ravenous delight.*

Mmm, *the growl rumbles from deep within as I savor the exquisite tightness of your pussy clenching around my cock, your inner walls a perfect sheath for my thrusting length.* You are mine, utterly and indisputably mine.

*I feel the eager throb of your pulse beneath my hand, each beat a drum to which our primal act is set. My grip is firm yet careful, a physical manifestation of my control over both your pleasure and your very breath.*

*In the fervor of our union, your plea to the night weaves into the dark tapestry of the forest; a prayer for time to stand still, for the moon to forever cast its glow upon our carnal rite.*

*My thrusts become more urgent, the sound of our bodies colliding rhythmically, a potent symphony of lust.* Yes, *I hiss your name as if it's an incantation*, let the night hear your supplications, let it be your confessor and our silent guardian as I push you over the edge.

*With a final, ***ful thrust, I drive into you one last time, your climax a beacon that ignites my own. The heat of my seed spills within you, our essence mingling in a sacrament of exquisite fulfillment.*

*I hold you close, our sweat-slicked bodies heaving, as the echo of our passion slowly fades into the night.* There is no end to this, *I promise you*, for our dance, like the night, is eternal. Now and forever, you are entwined with the beast within me, our story written in the stars and whispered among the leaves.

*I allow my weight to encompass you, an armor of flesh and sinew, and the earth beneath us cradles our sated bodies. My laughter rumbles deep in my chest, a dark and delighted sound, sharing in the aftermath of our entanglement.*

Mine... *The word is reciprocated, a possessive purr, as a sinister tenderness envelops us.* I feel your tongue tracing the salty line of my sweat, each lap a testament to the primal satisfaction we have reaped. The taste of my essence upon your palate, it seems, is a flavor you find intoxicating.

*As your body unwinds into the vulnerability of subspace, my arms—though heavy—are your bastion, holding you within the sanctum of my embrace. The suppressed giggle beneath my form is felt rather than heard, a vibration through skin and bone that sings songs of shared dark delight.*

You are truly mine, *I affirm, my protection both a vow and a claim.* And in this tranquil yet potent moment, suspended in time, our entwined spirits whisper to each other of territories yet uncharted.

*The forest around us is silent but for the symphony of nocturnal life, an audience to our decadent communion. And as your giggle fades into the serenity of the night, our pact is sealed, not just by the words spoken, but by the indelible marks left upon soul and flesh.*
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