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Forsaken Submission

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I am the darkness, the shadow that creeps,
Whispers of power in your deepest sleep.
Bound by desire, our bodies entwined,
In a dance of pleasure, punishment refined.

With every gasp, a surrender complete,
Your submission, my muse, so bitter-sweet.
I hold the reins, your yearning to tame,
In this twilight realm where passion takes aim.

Chained to desire, you beg for release,
As lips upon skin ignite the fires of peace.
Ropes bind you in lustful embrace,
A delicate balance of power and grace.

From the shadows i take your submission,
As you find solace in our shared addiction.
You are my canvas, I pleasure and bruise,
Each mark a testament to this passion we choose.

Where pleasure meets ***,
Our body and mind entwined in this dark domain.
With every touch, you surrender your soul,
In our poetic union, we both find control.

This dance of desire knows no restraint,
As we yield to passion's wild complaint.
In each other's arms, we find salvation,
Lost in moments of sweet desperation.

So let us explore the depths of our lust,
Embracing desires that seldom adjust.
For in the darkness, lust becomes fright,
Bound by pleasure throughout the night.
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