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CNC fantasy


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Please don't read any further if the idea of consensual non-consensual sex and simulated *** puts you off.
For the rest of you, happy reading, and I'd love to hear from you. Ideally, I'd like to say that you've been aroused by this read, but any other comment, even a kind review, will encourage me to dare to offer you my humble prose.


You open the door.

I shove you in and close it behind me.
[note for exhibitionists: please consider that the door remains open (no need to thank me, I'm happy to do it. I might be an exhibitionist myself so I can understand (and there will be no other passers by than adults because this is why the door did not stay opened in the first place) (and yes I do love parentheses, much less than a woman on her knees in front of me but I like them))).
My hand is wrapped around your neck and I push you a few meters until I have you up against the wall.
You still look surprised. Is this your Master, all dressed in black with a hood. The same one who had to leave for something unexpected.
You can see the excitement in your eyes as I rip off your blouse with my available hand.

I didn't want to betray myself by speaking, but it's too hard to remain silent.
I'm going to *** you to come, slut.
I'm breaking into your home. You do nothing to stop me. You're already offered.
I'm going to *** you and you're going to explode like the whore you are.

My hand goes under your skirt to discover that your thong is already completely soaked.
I rip it off.
Open your mouth.
I know you're not going to scream. Well, not to alert anyone, but you're much sexier with something in your mouth. And today it's going to be your thong.
[note for later or for comments: is it more or less beautiful than a face covered in semen ?]

I grab the vibrator I brought and press it against your sex.
Be a good girl and hold it while I play with you. I forbid you to pull it away or I'll slap you in the face.

Some semblance of yes sir seems to escape from your mouth, but it's hard to understand with the thong making your pronunciation hesitant.

I ask in a whisper.
What kind of bitch does that? Let a visitor in, have his clothes ripped off and then take the vibrator and jerk off with it? Seriously, what kind of bitch in heat does that?
A big bitch, I think. A huge bitch in heat.
At the same time, I press you against the wall this time, grabbing your tits.
I pinch and pull hard on the tips until the beginnings of tears appear.

Keep jerking off!
I want you to explode, to get so wet that your thighs are glistening.
I remove the makeshift gag.
Open your mouth, I'm going to fist it.

I sense that you're about to squirt and I approach your ear to order you in a whisper: "go ahead and explode, bitch". It's too late anyway. But I know that your Master's permission will make you explode even harder.

And it does. Explosion after explosion, you spurt and can't stop.
When you finally finish, you drop to your knees and you make it seem like nothing could be more natural. You press your head against the wall and whisper
Fuck my mouth against that wall.Explode it, Master. I beg you, please. And finish ***ting your slave white

But that's an other story ...

10/10 would buy a book you write
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