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Caning: advice on purchase please.


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Good evening. 

My Sub-Bitch is really keen for me to mark her ass and thighs with some serious caning. I'm very keen to do this but wondering where is the best place to buy something and what exactly to buy. We want to make proper lasting marks so I think need a firm , thick cane. 

Jack's Floggers was recommended but they don't reply to emails. 

I guess mail order is the likely source, but I happen to live in London, in case you know real shops.

Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you


Please feel free to make recommendations but no external links thank you.

You can always get a wooden dowel of any given size and that should suffice unless you’re wanting an official cane made from a company. Teflon dowels would work too and they have a flex in them that wood doesn’t.

A lumberyard or hardware store will carry them probably.
A garden centre may have "real" cane, if that's what you are looking for.
This is a lot more complicated than just buying ‘any old bit of wood’ and going to work on someone with it.
For a start, ‘bamboo cane’ from a garden centre, or dowel wood from a timber supplier will likely splinter - especially if you are wanting to use it hard, causing potentially serious cuts and splinters - which may become infected.
There is a reason why prisons in Singapore use a particular type of material - usually Malucca Rattan.

If you are set on buying something for caning, you need to look for something made from Rattan. This is the stuff used for judicial canings around the world.

Rattan canes can be bought ‘knot less’ or with knots, and in different thicknesses.

I am happy to make recommendations privately if you want to get in touch. I am in North London myself, and do know of some shops where you could physically pick up and feel the products.

You mention giving a ‘serious caning’ and leaving ‘proper lasting marks’
There is a lot more to giving a caning than just thrashing away at someone.

Has your sub experienced caning previously ?… and have you actually given one before ?
Your comments above lead me to believe that you might have limited experience with this.
Please make sure you have had serious discussions about this, use safewords, and talk/think about aftercare - both physical and psychological - for starters.

There are serious legal ramifications if your sub comes away from the experience feeling that she has been ***d, and makes a formal complaint.
It can happen.

Feel free to DM me if you like, I’m happy to help.
Darkarts1066, there’s no need for your sarcastic or insulting remarks. Just say your advice in a mature and respectful manner. If you can’t do that, just refrain from commenting.
18 minutes ago, Daddy253 said:
Darkarts1066, there’s no need for your sarcastic or insulting remarks. Just say your advice in a mature and respectful manner. If you can’t do that, just refrain from commenting.

I don’t see any sarcasm, insult or disrespect in anything Darkarts1066 has said.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that he comes across as knowledgeable, very helpful, positive and informative.

Daddy253 - My comments were neither sarcastic - or insulting.
Your comments about using ‘dowel’ however are concerning.

Have you actually used ‘dowel’ as a cane ?… is ‘dowel’ in the U.S the same as ‘dowel’ in the U.K ?
The OP specifically mentions giving a serious caning - and leaving ‘lasting’ marks.
Do you seriously think that ‘dowel’ is suitable for this ??

Do you know the OP ?… and his level of experience ?….

I’m offering to give advice - privately, to the OP specifically to avoid people who give poor advice regarding a subject that they have little experience with and whose advice may cause damage to the OPs sub - and put him at risk.
You don’t know me, or my own level of experience. Reread my comments. In fact, read my profile, and my other posts before you disrespect me.

I’ll thank you to refrain from insulting me on this platform.

You can usually find Jack's Floggers have a stall at all of the big fetish markets.. for London that will be LAM (London Alternative Market). You can Google the market and it will give you dates :)
I’ve seen Jacks floggers at LAM myself, so can attest to that. 👍🏼

Thank you for these really helpful replies. This is indeed a new experience for me and my sub. I've frequently used my hand and a riding crop on her . But acquiring and using a cane are both areas where I need advice. 

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