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Love and Lust.


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Seeing you look and waiting for me, 

Makes her horny as fuck. 

Needing your fucks. 

Wanting to make you bolder

Obsessed with her like a mad man. 

Come darling, have your queen. 

Be hers forever. 

Devour into the depth of her hot pit. 

Come darling and cummmm for her. 

She is longing. Missing you 

She can't be yours but she wants to. 

Life is bad, but you make everything feel good. 

Come darling give her the pleasure

Give her the happiness. 

Make her yours, *** her, own her. 

Even when she resists, 

Even when she ignores. 

Pull her, grab her, lust for her

And love her madly as you want. 

You know she loves you secretly. 

She longs for you silently

With tears in her eyes

***s in her mind 

As her pussy tbrobbs for your cock

Her hands rub her nipples

Making it hard and active

Waiting for your greedy lips. 

Come darling cummmm for your queen. 

*** her, fuck her, own her. 

Be obsessed with her, her luscious body.

Her eager mind, her tender heart. 

She loves you silently.

Love her back, as you enjoy her body. 

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