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🖤 📚 Ms. Mara Leara - Part Two 📚🖤 (Teacher / Student Roleplay)


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Warning: The following content contains themes of D/s and Teacher / Student Roleplay intended for entertainment purposes only.

Please remember:

Consent is sexy.

Communication is sexy.

Check-in with your partner regularly.

Make them feel safe.




The classroom, now emptied of students, is bathed in the soft glow of afternoon sunlight filtering through partially closed blinds.


The hum of distant conversations in the hallway is a stark contrast to the hushed atmosphere within.


Ms. Leara, now seated in the corner, can feel the coolness of the wall against her forehead, a tactile reminder of the position she finds herself in.


The hard chair she sits on, positioned precisely as directed, becomes a physical manifestation of the boundaries that delineate acceptable behaviour.


Each unforgiving contour of the seat seems to punctuate the expectations set by her teacher, a tangible reminder that every action carries consequences, and every infraction demands punishment.


Little Leara shifts in her seat, attempting to find a more accommodating position, but the unyielding nature of the chair denies her any reprieve.


What was once a seemingly ordinary piece of furniture, now transforms into a potent symbol of authority and correction, making the repercussions of her actions palpable.


It all serves as a stark contrast to the comfort of compliance, a lesson she's poised to learn in the moments of solitude granted by this disciplinary pause.


And as the minutes tick by, the initial discomfort evolves into an unsettling heat.


The heat intensifies, emanating from the core of her embarrassment and the strain of maintaining the required position.


The wood begins to stick to her, a result of her nervous fidgeting.


The more she shifts in the chair, the more pronounced the dampness becomes, creating an uncomfortable awareness of her own desires.


The hard chair now bears the imprint of Mara's capitulation, its surface slick with the tangible evidence of her desire to yield to the discipline imposed.


Despite all this, Mara remains in her designated corner, becoming acutely aware of her teachers gaze fixated on her.


His measured footsteps draw nearer, each thud resonating with a mix of stern authority and genuine guidance.


As he reaches her, he firmly places his firm hands on her shoulders.


The touch is deliberate, a connection that conveys both dominance and reassurance.


The weight of his hands helping to ground her in the moment.


Ms. Leara, as you sit there, I want you to contemplate the choices that brought you to this point.


This isn't just about correction; I demand to see growth.


Now when we're ready to address this, it won't be a mere lecture; it'll be an education in how you can elevate yourself to the standards I expect.


Do you understand?


Lil Leara: (almost without thinking she whispers) Yes, Da—, I mean Sir (catching herself just before saying "Daddy")


Mara, your inadvertent slip suggests a moment of truth.


This disciplinary action seems to have stirred something within you, wouldn't you agree?


We will extensively explore this matter after school hours.


You are dismissed.


Lil Leara stiffens at the stern command, her eyes widening.


She manages a quick nod, a mix of embarrassment and anticipation colouring her expression.


With a hasty "Yes, Sir," she gathers her belongings, feeling butterflies as the thought of the impending discussion as she exits the room.




I've tried to write part two more from the perspective of Little Leara, I'd be interested to know what people think?


Can you relate to how Mara is feeling?

neat.,would love to read the next section
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