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Sink Deeper Into Submission ♾


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Sink Deeper Into Submission♾

In the realm where dominance takes hold, A fierce desire unfurls, bold and untold, I am the dominant, your sovereign of control, Ready to embrace your plea, to your depths I'll stroll.

Break you down, oh sweet submissive dear, Letting you sink deeper, surrendering to ***, Your words a flame that ignites my soul, Aching to claim your submission as my ultimate goal.

Like a masterful artist with skillful hands, I'll unravel you, piece by delicate strand, Exploring the realms of your hidden desire, Igniting flames that burn hotter and higher.

Into the abyss of submission, you yearn to fall, Where pleasure and *** merge, surrendering all, I'll guide you there, with a firm commanding hold, Leaving you breathless, as your limits unfold.

With each touch, I'll unravel your core, Feasting on the vulnerability, leaving you wanting more, Our bodies entwined, a dance of power, As I push and pull, hour after delightful hour.

My hands, like whispers against your skin, Awakening sensations, igniting a burning within, I'll trace every contour, every secret place, Until you tremble and ache, lost in my embrace.

Your submission, a treasure I cherish, sublime, As you surrender to me, willingly, every time, I'll protect your trust with an unwavering might, Guiding you through darkness, into the light.

Break you down, in the most exquisite way, Until you're consumed by the fire we play, Your moans and gasps, music to my ears, As I answer your plea, extinguishing your ***s.

Together we'll travel to forbidden lands, Exploring the depths with commanding demands, For in your submission, I find my own power, A connection that deepens, hour after hour.

So, sink deeper, dear submissive, surrender to me, As we embark on a journey, untamed and free, Break you down, I shall, with tender care, To build you up, stronger, as we both declare,

That in the realm where dominance takes control, Our bond transcends, our desires take a toll, You, my submissive, my sinfully divine, In our union, true ecstasy we shall intertwine.

🎩  O s P a n d o ™️✒ 🖋

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54 minutes ago, Emmmmm-1396 said:
Wow. Your words seduce me. I can’t love this eloquent piece anymore. ❤️ thank you

You're welcome
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