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A Hunting Ritual: Part 6

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He cut off her breathing, his right hand coiled around her throat, but she smiled back while biting her lip. She tilted her head back slightly, but did not break eye contact with him. He loosened his grip on her throat and leaned down to kiss her. She held his face, kissing him back passionately with her legs still wrapped around his waist. They both hummed into the kiss, tonguing each other, before he finally lifted his head. He patted her left leg with his right hand,

“Let go, pull your knees to your chest. I want you to hold your breasts down, the way you know I like.”

“Yes, Master.”


He shuffled down until he was able to rest his chest on her shins, and he leaned his body weight on top of her. Her palms covered her nipples, pulling her breasts in towards each other, and they bulged even more with her legs being held against her stomach and hands. He hung his arms down the sides of her legs, gripping her sides and hovering his face over hers. He watched as her eyelids fluttered, his penis slowly finding its way between her labia, and his movements were teasing. Nonetheless, she bit her lip and sighed, her eyes gently closed at the sensations coursing through her nether regions. Her expression could not decide whether to be relaxed or tensed, his thrusts gradually getting faster.


He used his knees, dug into the dirt, to add pressure to her legs. The contact of their skin was arousing, his chest on her smooth legs. His penis bounced inside her and she groaned. He took his right hand and pinched her chin, causing her to open her eyes. She looked up at him, her face now rocking back and forth with his thrusts, and her lip was beginning to tremble.

“Look at me,” he said deeply, and she just nodded. Her face relaxed with their locked gaze, and now he thrusted even harder. He got faster, her body rocking with the momentum, and her elbows clenched by her sides to keep her breasts still. He enjoyed the way they often rippled with his thrusts, but it was just as much fun to have her hold them down so that she could feel pressure on them. Her own body had caged itself, with a little bit of help from his weight on her legs, and she was enjoying every moment.


Her head tilted back, eyes closed once again as she began moaning, and he grabbed the back of her head,

“Are you enjoying this?” She said nothing, only nodding with her lips parted slightly. He could see that she needed another kiss, so he craned his neck. The effort squeezed her body even tighter, her hands stuck between her breasts and thighs, and he carried on hammering into her. He pressed his forehead against hers, her lips opened even more with longing in her eyes. The moment their tongues met in open space, their lips shot out and clamped together, and now her muffled humming erupted. He did not break rhythm, pounding into her so hard that their skin clapped together. He could feel her arms trying to break free, wanting to pull his head down harder, but he was hugging her body so tightly that she could only ***ly tongue him back. It pushed her to the edge of getting what she wanted, but that inability to pull his face closer had her squirming with desire. Her nostrils flared, his flared in response, and her head tilted towards her chest from the pleasure; breaking their kiss. He did not mind, for pleasure was flooding his legs and rising up to his chest, tensing his abdominal muscles along the way, only adding to the tension he already had locking her body. His muscles ached, his body fatigued from trapping her so hard, but he was a furious *** once again. An unbridled passion filled his eyes and she screamed, her eyes clamped shut.

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