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My Toys Day 31 Dairy Entry

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Today went so slowly. I woke up speaking to him, almost feeling his hands on my body over messages, knowing that soon I'd be in his bed. Then work. More messages talking about what he'd do to his good girl, what he'd do to his toy.

When I got to his house he kissed me passionately. He always does and it always makes my head spin. Then my collar was instantly put on. I adore my collar. It's so pretty and silver and his. Then I knelt before him and deepthroated his cock until he was ready to move on.

But I knew I had two punishments waiting. He handcuffed my hands behind me, gagged me and blindfolded me and bent me over his sofa. And the lashes started. Hard blows against my unprepared skin. "Just 20" was meant to make me feel better but instead I shuddered. When they were done he kissed my forehead and led me to his chair where I had to sit on my beaten bottom for 15 minutes. I wasn't allowed to whimper or move or fidget or talk... Boring!

When it was over he kissed me, forgave me and then directed me to his bedroom. He took me over and fucking over again, as hard as he wanted.. covering my face with pillow, stretching me to four of his big fingers whilst I screamed. I fucking adore being ***d by him.

Then Sir put me in one of his jumpers and cooked for his girl, from scratch. It was delicious and we ate and spoke and giggled til it was time to get back into bed. As I walked in and he grabbed me, I knew I was going to left broken. And he did not disappoint. Fucking me over and over, harder and deeper. Spanks and bites and all the goodness that a lucky toy gets when she spreads her legs for.

I'm such a lucky little slut x
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