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Good ways to bond silicone (lovense lush) to leather (saddle)


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We were gifted from another Fetlifer a leather saddle, and plan on turning it into some sort of fucking machine.

See pictures on our profile! 


We have a broken lovense lush (wire break in the neck) that I have repaired, but is no longer fully encased in silicone, so is "spare" at the moment.

The plan is to mount the lovense to the saddle, and possibly also put a hole through the saddle for fucking machine to fit through!


However I'm at a loss how to secure the lush to the saddle and also keep the exposed parts at least mostly "water proof"

Im thinking of cutting some of the leather away to make a recess for the lush, but want to bond it in place, so any recommendations for glue or similar would be appreciated

For waterproofing a slim mastic bead may work? Might be more of a temporary or stepping stone solution. In fact, a larger bead may reverberate more but I digress.
This will/can act as a bond too but will move around (could be good, could be bad). If you want it to stay relatively static, then a screw and bracket, then sealed with mastic…the saddle internals should be robust enough to handle that.

tbh I’m still stuck on musing the enhanced vibration properties of mastic 🤣
At the moment I've moved towards ideas around creating a pouch for it from leather that will somehow be mounted to the saddle
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You can buy tubes of pure silicone from most any hardware store. They’re fairly easy to work with, safe for skin contact, and cheap
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