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A Pirate's Bounty: Part 2

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His fingers got to work on untying the ropes that restrained her wrists to the plank. Her arms dropped achingly and she grunted with relief. He took her by the wrist, provoking a hiss, and he guided her further down the walkway. He had no interest in panicking the other Submissives now, so kept his focus on this rebellious beauty.


They reached the back of the ship, where a dark-haired little thing was bound to the floor. The submissive little ravenette was on her knees, her ankles trapped under metal loops that were locked to the floor. She wore a shackle around her neck, solid bars extending off to either side, connecting to shackles around her wrists, which in turn were chained to the floor. The ravenette’s rear end was high in the air, her knees at right-angles, and she was clearly uncomfortable. She heard the Captain’s footsteps approach and she began to sob.


“This was the last Submissive who put up a fight,” he said to his rebellious and buxom brunette. They stepped passed the ravenette, making her cry with *** and clatter her chains hopelessly, but the Captain walked passed her and guided the brunette to a long block of wood. This wood was tapered on top to a blunt point. Not sharp, but hardly comfortable to sit on. He grabbed the brunette by the hair, who huffed aggressively but said nothing, and he turned her to face him.

“Stand on the balls of your feet.” She stared at him with that fury in her eyes. He slapped her face, “Do as you are told.” He waited a moment, raised his hand to strike, but she obeyed. Slowly she lifted her heels off the ground, and he ***d her to step backwards until her legs were on either side of the block.


He gave her no instructions to sit, but her feet already began to give way and her heels lowered ever so slightly. Even so, it was enough that the block was able to press gently between her labia, and she closed her eyes in discomfort. He shackled her wrists behind her, to anchor points on the block, which stretched her elbows straight. She tried to lean back, to relieve the weight on her labia, but found the weight on her coccyx even more unbearable. She was ***d to sit up straight, pressure on her labia, and her feet were already showing signs of shaking.


“Look at me,” he commanded, and she finally opened her eyes. Her mouth was still set in a grim line and she glared at him without a word. He stared at her stunning body, those large breasts on such an athletic figure. He could see her labia, bulged on the block, and it made his erection bounce. “Why are you so feisty?” No response. “Still nothing?” She continued to glare at him, her nostrils flaring the more her ankles ached. She was slowly resting more on the block, and he was enjoying her discomfort. “Perhaps some persuasion, then?” She did her best to keep her heels off the ground. He turned to the ravenette on the floor, crouching beside her head and forcing her to look up at the brunette. The ravenette immediately began crying quietly, “I will punish her until you speak.”

“No no!” the ravenette cried, but the brunette did nothing but watch.

“That settles it then.”


You have such a wonderfully twisted mind...

Love it!

8 hours ago, LazyPiratesBounty said:

wonderfully twisted

I was concerned that it might be getting *too* twisted. It is definitely getting darker than I thought it would

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