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A Pirate's Bounty: Part 5

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The shackles clattered against themselves, swinging freely under the block, and he held her hand while she walked on the balls of her feet to free herself from the block. The moment she completely cleared it, she collapsed to the floor. She breathed heavily, breasts heaving for air, enjoying her relief. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her backwards until she reached a loose plank sitting on the floor. Her legs were tired, her arms aching and her wrists sore, and the ravenette watched as he tied the brunette’s wrists to the plank with rope. It was not long, but it was thick and heavy, and the brunette sagged at any attempts to move.


He crouched in front of her, curling a finger under her chin. He lifted her gaze, tilting her head back like before so that she had to look down her face at him.

“It took a mighty long time to get you to talk, did it not?” She stared at him, panting with her mouth open now, tongue slightly swollen around the peg. He slapped her cheek gently and she winced, opening one eye at a time. She had expected more than that. “I asked you a question.”

“It di’dth, ‘aster.”

“I do not like it when you do not talk properly,” he pulled the peg off and she moaned with relief. He caught her cheeks in his hand, “Ah! That did not mean you had permission to make a noise.” He applied the peg to her left nipple, then produced a second peg from his pocket and pinched her other nipple. She winced both times, gritting her teeth. These pegs were slightly stronger than normal, and her nipples were suffering for it.


“Do you want me to take the pegs off?” She nodded, her eyes closed and her hair hanging limply over her face. He curled his finger under her chin again before stroking the hair out of her face. “I asked, do you want me to remove the pegs?”

“Yes, Master.” He pinched her chin,

“I have taught you to use your manners.”

“Yes, please, Master.”

“Are you going to earn it?”

“Yes, Master.”

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