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A Pirate's Bounty: Part 4

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“Please punish me, Master,” she said quietly.

“I did not quite hear that. I think I will continue punishing your friend instead.”

“No! Please!” the ravenette cried.

“Punish me, Master, please,” the brunette spoke louder through gritted teeth. He aggressively turned her face away as he released it, taking a small object from his pocket. It was a peg, simple, small and wooden.

“Are you afraid of me?” he pinched her chin again and held it up for her to see. She said nothing. “Oh, and just when I thought I had loosened your tongue. No matter,” he pulled her chin down, but her whole head tilted. “No, silly. Open your mouth,” he lifted her head back up to look at him, but she was not laughing.


“Open your mouth, or your friend gets another lashing.” The brunette opened her mouth hesitantly. “Tongue out.” She did as she was told, but slowly. He pinched the peg tightly to open it, bringing it to her tongue, but she recoiled. The movement leaned her back onto her coccyx and she instantly sat forward again, so focused on the reminding-discomfort of her labia that she forgot to close her mouth. He caught the peg at an odd angle on her tongue and she winced in ***.

“Ow, tha’ hur’s too mu’, ‘aster,” she mumbled in a casual tone. He grabbed the back of her head to keep her from retreating and readjusted the peg so that it was more central on her tongue. He responded with an equally casual tone,

“Is that better?”

She nodded with a smile.


He slapped her across the face, “Are you afraid of me?” his voice was now low and controlled again. She said nothing, anger reappearing on her face. He kept his left hand on the back of her head, grabbing her hair harshly, and his right hand dropped to her breasts. He pinched her right nipple gently, “I said, are you afraid of me?” She only winced, her lips unable to decide whether to remain open, or to seal around the peg. He pinched her nipple harder, “No? You are not afraid of me?” He squeezed her breast hard, then slapped it. She winced in ***, humming the sting away with her eyes closed. Her arms locked straight, tugging on the anchor points behind her. The shackles around her wrists had rubbed red patches into her skin. He slapped her breast harder, stinging the same spot, and she tried to lean her head forward into the ***, but his hand pulled on her hair and she hissed. He then slapped her face and she huffed rapidly, hair covering her eyes as she turned her gaze to him with fury. “Perhaps the block is not enough. What do you think?”


His left hand gripped her hair even tighter and he reached down to press his fingers against her labia. He rubbed and she tried to shuffle back, only the friction was too much and she groaned. “You like that, I see.” He began to rub her labia and she hummed into the pleasure, but also fidgeted, and the discomfort became ***. She began humming differently now, words slowly forming with her swaying hips. Her chest heaved, her breasts bobbing with her attempts to calm herself, and her stomach inflated and deflated with the contrasting sensations.

“Sto’ i’!” she tried to speak. “No ‘ore!”

“You know how to ask for things properly.”

“‘lease, Master!” she tried to pull her head back but he kept it still, “Ge’ me off this thing!” He rubbed harder. “Master, I beg of you! Please stop this!” she spoke as clearly as she could.

“Good girl.”

47 minutes ago, PrincessEm said:

Ooh... I like.

You do not think it is too dark?

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