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A Pirate's Bounty: Part 3

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“Please! No!” she cried, but the cane struck her rear end and she pursed her lips in silent ***. He looked at the brunette, who remained steadfast in her rebellious expression. Again he caned the poor girl’s ass and this time a small cry of anguish leaked from her trembling lips. “Sir! I am sorry! Please, stop!”

“Oh, my dear,” his tone was one of sympathy. He grabbed her cheeks in one hand, forcing her to stare into his eyes. “You have already been a good girl and endured your punishment, earlier. I have full confidence that you have learned your lesson. It is this one,” he pointed the cane at the brunette, “who is causing you suffering now, by not speaking.”

“Please!” she cried at the brunette, but the Captain squeezed her cheeks tighter and returned her gaze to him,

“No, my dear. Do not talk to her. Just be a good girl and take her *** for her.” He leaned in closer, whispering in her ear with a surprisingly kind tone, “Maybe your words can make her speak, my dear,” he winked at her and then release her face harshly.


He stood up, watching the brunette sweating, her feet visibly shaking now while she winced on the block. He smacked the cane against the ravenette’s rear end a third time, drawing a red line across both cheeks, and the girl jolted forwards with a stinging cry. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she looked up at the brunette.

“Please, make him stop.”


The brunette glared at the Captain.

“All you have to do is speak and she will no longer suffer for your actions.” Still nothing. “Maybe her feet need some tickling with the cat o’nine tails?”

“Oh, no! Please,” the ravenette physically writhed now, whimpering and getting nervous as the hanging strips of leather tickled the underside of her feet. Tears flooded her cheeks, not having even received a flogging yet.


He took a moment, enjoying the ***, and he watched the brunette. Despite the discomfort gradually increasing with her aching ankles and ***ed labia, she kept her lips closed. He raised the whip and she winced for the poor girl in front of her. The girl screamed.

“Okay! You win!” The girl screamed again, “I said you win!”

“Could you repeat that please?” he asked calmly, now whipping the girl’s rear. Another scream, followed by crying.

“Enough!” the brunette demanded and leaned forward against her wrist restraints. The block pressed harder into her labia and her breasts swayed with her aggressive motion. “Punish me! Stop hurting her and punish me!”


He caressed the girl’s skin, using some ointment to soothe the stinging.

“Th-thank you, Master,” the girl tried to look up at him, but the chains clinked taut and she kept her forehead to the floor. He stepped over to the brunette, stroking her breasts. She did nothing to stop him. He pinched her chin and lifted her head so that she had to look down her own face at him, huffing through her nostrils with her fury returning to close her lips.

“How do you ask properly?”

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Probably not what I'm thinking 😋

Come on, you have read my other stories. You know what he expects.

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