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Daddy, I need you


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She texted me, Daddy I need you.


I replied, I thought he was home.


He is, but I don't want him. I want you. I need you. I crave you.




No. I need you now. Right now. I won't let him touch me. I'm yours Daddy.




He's asleep. He got mad I wouldn't let him touch me so he took some sleeping pills. He's out. I need you in me. Filling me up and stretching me out.


She sent me a picture of her tight fit body in a red and black night, showing off her perky tits.


This is yours.  Cum get it.


Meet me? I asked.


Can't leave the house. Come to the basement door and text me when you are here. Remember the tan couch? I want you to use me on the tan couch like the last time.


My head was racing. I got dressed and hopped in the car.


The tan couch. She and I met at the gym. We happened to be going at the same times each week. She approached me. 


She took me back to her house. Her husband was out of town. She was on her period and wouldn't let me fuck her pussy. So I fucked her in the ass.


A married woman picked me up at the gym, brought me home to her house, took me into the basement, and let me work my cock in her ass.


She screamed loudly while I used her body for my pleasure. Petite and fit. Perky tits and tight ass. I came on her trap stamp she has since college.


She told me she had never been used and pleased let that before.


She was hooked.


She was addicted to the dick.


I texted her when I was at the house and walking around to the back door. She was waiting there for me.


As soon as I walked throughbthe door, she hugged me. Gripped me tight. Squeezed me.


I kissed her forehead. 


Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.


Calm down, I'm here. 


I led her to the tan couch and sat down next to her.

I kissed her deeply. Ran my hands all over her body.


She pulsed and grinded as I touched her. 


I slid my index finger in her pussy. 


She moaned and exhaled deeply.


I rubbed my thumb on her clit and kissed her while I worked my index finger inside her.


She moaned out.


I kept working her.


I worked my middle finger in her pussy, right next to my index finger, while my thumb rubbed her clip.


Her body tensed, then rolled into the pleasure. 


I'm going to cum


Hold it I told her.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck she mumbled.


I rubbed her clit harder and faster


Please Daddy.


Hold it, I said as I sucked on her nipples and worked my hand on her pussy.


Daddddyyyyy..  she called out.


Cum! I told her


He body bucked. He pussy juices flowed and her body tingled.


I worked her faster and harder as she came. Riding the waves as I worked her more and more. Orgasms after orgasm.


Daddy she moaned out and looking down to see 4 fingers inside her.


You're stretching out my pussy!


It's my pussy.


It's your pussy, it's your pussy, it's your pussy she moaned over and over.


She grabbed my cock and squeezed and stroked it.


Stretch the pussy Daddy. It's yours...... she came again.


I can't,  she mumble. I can't too much.


You can and you will. You know the safe word. But you can and you will.


I can and I will she mumbled and moaned.

Jerking my cock hard and fast. 




Daddy.  Daddy. Daddy.


I worked my thumb in next to the rest of my fingers, back and forth,  each movement,  harder and deeper. Stretching her pussy more and more.


She sucked on my cock. Hard. Harder. Just the tip.




Uh huh, she moaned as she sucked the tip.


Sucking on the tip of my cock was her security blanket.


I made the last push and put my whole hand in her pussy.


She sucked my cock hard, squeezed it.


My whole hand pumping her pussy.


She came over and over on my hand.


I'm going to cum I told her.


She jerked my cock over her face while I continued to fist her pussy.


I shot my load all over her pretty face and grunted as I released my Daddy juice.


She let go of my cock and panted slowly as I pulled my fist out of her pussy.


My hand was soaked in pussy juice.


I rubbed my hand all over her face, collecting up my cum.


I shoved the palm of my hand in her face and told her to lick it all up.


As I got dressed her laid on the tan couch. 


How am I ever going to have vanilla sex again?


I shrugged and said, That's not my problem.

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