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Daddy Does Dallas


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I was in Dallas for 24 hours and wanted to have some fun. 

I was hoping one my naughty playmates in the area would be available and interested. 


Rose approached Daddy on Fet.

She liked his stories.

She imagined herself being one of the women.

She imagined Daddy using her. Pleasuring her.

Making her feel like a good girl.


She got the nerve to message him

Daddy was sweet and kind.

They messaged. 

Daddy asked to see her curves.


Rose was a very pretty Latina. Big brown eyes. Thick pouty lips. Tan skin. Fat ass. Slim waist and huge tits with big thick nipples.


Daddys kryptonite. 


They had played online.


She had watched Daddy stroke his cock until it squirted.


She imagined how good it would feel to have Daddy's cum shoot out of his cock and make a huge mess on her tits.


Daddy had watched her play with her huge tits and rub her pussy until she came.


He imagined how tight and wet and warm her pussy would be as he was smothered by her huge tits.


Daddy messaged her that he was going to be in town for 24 hours.


No pressure.


Rose's head spun.


No pressure.  No pressure? The man who she had been fantasizing about... the man who she had been finger banging herself to for weeks was going to be nearby. 


She said she wanted to get together.  Daddy again said, no pressure.



Rose and I met in the bar at my hotel. 


She looked just as delicious.  Lucious. Busty and curvy as her pictures and video chats. Absolutely delicious. 



We chatted. Like old friends. Rose was at ease.

Giggles and whispers.


I didn't have any sexual forwardness with her. It was almost like a tease. The tension was high.






Um. Can I kiss you?


Sure. He leaned in. 


Oh, no. Not on the lips.


Oh. He leaned back. Listen, I'm in a bit of a mood tonight. 


What sort of mood? Rose leaned in and pushed her cleavage up and together 


To make you cum a lot. Really hard and really fast.


Do it, Rose said with a smile.



We went up to my hotel room. The tension on the ride up in the elevator and walking down the hall was visible.


I wanted to devour her right there. 


As we walked into the room, I said get naked and get on the bed, as I slapped her fat ass.


Rose stripped naked and laid on the bed.


I stripped naked and got on top of her.


I didn't kiss her. I sucked on her neck and grinded my body against her


I kissed and sucked. 

Moving lower.

Her big thick nipples in my mouth.


She started to talk. I covered her mouth.


She moaned through my hand


I buried his face in her pussy with one hard deep lick.


Rose moaned out and her body vibrated..

I stuck his fingers in her mouth, and she sucked on them.


I proceeded to slide 2 soaking wet fingers in her tight warm pussy, while he licked and sucked on her clothes and grabbed at her huge tits and played with her nipples.


Her body was on overload.


Rose grab my hair and tugged it.


Daddy put a 3rd finger into Rose's pussy and sucked on her clit hard.


I grabbed her nipples.  Pinched them. Tugged them. Squeezed them. Slapped her tits and grabbed them again.


My 3 fingers sliding in and out. Out and in. In and out.


My tongue working her clit and her nipples being used.


She came. She came harder than she had ever came. She yelled out as she came, she tried pushing Daddys head away, but couldn't.


I sucked harder. Worked his fingers more.

She squirted. She came. She squirted again.


Daddy worked a 4th finger into her pussy and kept working her clit


She was on overload. Daddy hit everything all at once. 


She couldn't stop cumming and I wouldn't let her stop cumming. 


Her body pulsed, vibrated and throbbed.


I pulled out his fingers, slide in his tongue and sucked on her clit and pussy.


She moaned and screamed again.


I worked his mouth up her body.

Sucked hard on her tits and nipples.

Sucking on her neck.


Daddy moved his body up and mounted her face.

I fucked her mouth. Ifed her my balls.


She eagerly sucked on my cock and balls.

She tried to swallow all of me. She couldn't. 

But she tried like a good girl to take everything Daddy gave her.


I fucked her face. Her pretty eyes looking up at me made me want to explode.


I moved down and put his cock between her huge tits, and the tip of his cock in her mouth. 


She looked up at me.


You're so beautiful he said.


She sucked harder.


Daddys pretty princess with his cock between her huge tits.


I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs while he titty fucked her and she sucked my cock.


You're so pretty. 


Daddy moved down ans spread her legs.

I licked her pussy with one hard, long lick.


She screamed out again


I slid my cock in her pussy. It was just was warm, as tight, as wet as I imagined it would be.


She moaned out.


I pulled out and rubbed the shaft of his cock on her pussy and out it back in.


I did it over and over. Teasing her pussy with my Daddy dick.


I slid in her soaking wet pussy.


Fucking her face to face watching her huge tits jiggle with each pump.


I loved watching her while she came.

I oved her curves, her huge tits and fat ass.

Her whole body was just for me.


I couldn't hold it in any more.

I pulled out and squirted my Daddy juice.

It landed on all over her face and tits while she moaned out.


Daddy made a mess all over her.

I squeezed his cock and dripped it all out on her nipples


Rose looked at me and smiled covered in my cum, Thank you for making my fantasy come true.

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