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A Master and slave speaks...


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The Master sits looking at the nude slave before him. She kneels with her
legs spread wide so that her sex lips are visible and open. Her head is
bowed, her face hidden behind the cascade of hair. Her arms are clasped
behind her, quiet and still. Her only motion is that of her breasts
heaving as she breathes deeply, recovering from having run quickly to
kneel before Him. The sight is satisfying. He speaks to her: "Tell me
about our sexuality, slave."

She speaks in a quiet voice. It does not quaver, it is firm and knowing.

Yet it is soft and caressing: "I am a slave, a female ***,

kneeling at your feet, serving you with my body and my obedience, my Master.

My essence is submission. Your essence is mastery.

My center is my responsive heart. Your center is adamant will.

My passion is a river of sensation, mounting waves of passion, bringing me
to a tumult of ecstasy. Your passion is a bolt of energy, insistent
with need, rampant with lust, exploding in a peak of ecstasy. My love
is sensitive and flowing and nurturing. Your love is hard, insistent,
and demanding. My body is secretive and gathers love into itself. Your
body is impulsive and seeks to seed females with your lust wherever it
may. My sex hungers for the fullness of you within me, and your sex
craves to plunge into my depths, spearing into my very center. Thus it
is that my sexuality and yours truly compliment one another."

Now she stops for a moment, and then quickly asks: "

May I speak of my desire for you, sweet Master?"

He responds: "Yes, tell me the secrets of your passion, slave."

replies: "In my mouth I hunger to taste your male essence and be
nourished by it. In my cunt I want you to plant your seed so that I may
harvest my body's passion. I want you to violate the soft, secret
tenderness within my ass. In my body and mind I hunger to feel totally
possessed by you. Does this please you, my Master?"

"Your female nature is truly pleasing. I hunger for the soft deftness
of your mouth to suck me and savor my cream. I want your cunt to open,
a warm and wet furrow, to receive my aching cock. I want your body to
feel penetrated as my cock erupts in the tightness of your asshole. In
all these ways my cock and I hunger to totally possess you. Now tell me
of your mouth, slave."

"My mouth and lips are soft and wet and delicious. They kiss your body
as you command. They swallow your cock when you feed me. They drink
your cream, the sweet juice of your maleness. They suck my cunt¼s love
juice from your cock after you have fucked me. My mouth and lips drink
this precious fluid and so I am truly nourished by our love's passion.
Does this please you, my Master?"

"Your need for such nourishment is truly pleasing. Plump and red, your
lips smile an invitation to kiss you, to taste you, and to feed you
using my cock. Now speak of your cunt, slave."

"My cunt is a flower made for love. It blooms with rosy petals and
perfumes the air. It is warm and moist and delicate. It is slow to
bloom yet blooms long. It thirsts for the seed of your cock, as I
thirst for your love within my heart. Through my cunt I totally submit
to you. Does this please you, my Master?"

"Your female flower is truly pleasing. Your cunt is the center of your
loveliness. It beckons me, entrances me, and lies waiting for me. I
water it with my juices, I plant it with the seed of my need, and I
harvest its dew. I nurture your cunt¼s hunger for me, and through it I
will possess you. Now speak of your asshole, slave."

My asshole is the entry to my hidden path, my secret part. Yet, I want
it to be open to you. Through it you plumb my center and seize my
passions. Your cock proves your mastery over me as it ***s itself
into my tightest orifice. I offer myself to you so that your pleasure
can attain its peak within my tightest hole. My discomfort brings you
the greatest pleasure, and yet I offer it to you. Does this please you,
my Master?"

Offering your asshole is truly pleasing. Stretching open your ass
cheeks, your small, tight opening lies waiting. Nothing can ease the
difficulty of penetrating it, yet nothing can deter me from using it.
Your submissive offering thrills me. Your tightness is glorious. My
passion is strong. Nothing can surpass the sweetness within your ass.
In my lust, does your discomfort deter me? What an amusing thought! Now
tell me how I shall know exaltation through your body, slave?"

glances up shyly and smiles: "You shall know exaltation through my
submission, my Master. You may tease and use my body as you enjoy your
sexual games, but your greatest pleasure comes from knowing that I am
yours to do with as you wish. I long for your love, my Master, and my
body is my offering to you, yet you exult in knowing how each day in so
many ways you fuck my mind and spirit as well as my body. Your greatest
exaltation is leading me, a willing victim, into complete ***
in your Mastery. Such is the exaltation of the Master over his
slave—and a true slave—such as I—is always happy to please her Master."

laughs: "Indeed, slave, you know this well. Now, I will show you
something else I will do with your body. Something new...." He could
see that although she was silent, she shivered slightly in
anticipation, and he was pleased.


I like the emotion this text carries. Well done
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