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**TW** *** Role Play Story

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By request.
Trigger warning.
I arrived promptly at 6, dressed like a gentleman. As you entered my corvette, I noticed the slit on your dress was rather high. I closed the door behind you and we chatted about your day, perhaps the weather. You mentioned you were rather stressed. I gently patted your left knee as I shifted gears.

The meal was downtown and uneventful. As we walked to the parking lot, we noticed a few cars that looked out of place at our favorite restaurant. You fell when your high heel got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. I effortlessly carried you to the car.

When we got to the corvette my fob wouldn’t unlock the door. I gently put you back on your feet, your shoes in your hand. I heard a younger man’s voice say, “You all need some help?”
I said, “No, thanks, we’re good,” but to our surprise we both heard them say, “mmmm, I bet she IS good!”

I tried to get you into the car but suddenly there were 4 men surrounding us. They pushed you on the hood. Your legs flew up in the air. You felt a hand strike your face hard. Your body fought but to no avail. The ripped the dress off your quivering body as someone behind you put duct tape over your mouth.

You’re still on the hood on your back. Two men hold you down as the other 2 unzip their jeans and lay their cocks over your duct tape covered face. One of the men holding you down gets his phone out, apparently recording this.
You feel the head of their enormous cocks rubbing on your face. There are now two hands smacking your tits and two hands hitting your pussy. “Worthless cunt,” you hear as they take off your thong.

They must have slappped you bc as they were talking I heard them say, “She won’t object now - take off the duct tape!”
They pulled the tape off so hard and quick that a bunch of your hair came off with it. You were in so much *** you were crying. Begging. “Please. No please don’t. Please!”
They laughed and spit on you.
You felt something at your pussy. I couldn’t make out what he had in his hand. Omg. It was my gear shifter ! He was gonna dry insert that big cue ball shifter knob up inside your cunt.
He screamed like a maniac, “Who’s drivin NOW, bitch ?!”

You kept whimpering, “Please. Please!” You heard them laugh at you.
“Johnny, she’s begging for it!”
Open her mouth.
A hand on each side of you grabbed your mouth like a bass fisherman grabs his fish. They tilted your head back. A very long cock ravaged your throat.
“Hey check her out! This slut doesn’t gag!”
Another cock replaces the first. This one thicker.

As the billiard ball gear shifter went inside you, you began sucking that long cock for all it’s worth.
They slapped your tits and face leaving visible bruises.
They didn’t want you to please them. They wanted to own you.

They threw you on the ground and rolled you onto your knees. Doggie. The guy who was in your mouth first, thrusts his cock into your ass without warning. You scream in *** and agony. Every fiber of your being violated. As he ***s your asshole, he ***s you from behind. Just before you pass out you’re awakened by one of the men pissing in your face.

You feel the ejaculation of warm sperm into your ass. The cock pulls out and he immediately sticks it in your mouth. Cum drips out of you as another man’s cock takes its place in your ass. They are fucking your cunt with that ginormous gear shifter as cock number two explodes inside your ass.

Cum drips down your thigh. You can barely breathe. The cock from your mouth goes to your pussy. He’s thick. Very thick. As his arms push you over you realize that this guy hates you. He wants to cum, yes, but he’s going to destroy your pussy. Now you’re on your back. They’re holding your legs up. Your face looks like you’ve been beat up. Your eyes are rolled back. He enters you ***fully. It feels like a 16 ounce coke bottle has entered you.
He pumps ruthlessly. I see an ever so slight smile on your face. They take your hand and *** you to touch his hairy balls. You know better than to squeeze them hard. They feel surprisingly good. You can tell those balls need a release. You insert a finger up his asshole. You raise your head to lick his nipples. You scream, “Dammit you son of a bitch - cum in me !” You bite his nipples as the second finger in his ass gets him off. He cums violently and then slaps your tits leaving them with a large red handprint.

The last guy is using your throat. He tilts your head back. There’s nothing you can do. He’s throat fucking you without any mercy. Spit and saliva are running down your bruised tits. You finger your cunt as he pumps heavy, thick cum onto your face.

They walk away. Leaving you in a smelly pool of cum and piss. Every hole of yours hurts. You don’t have the strength to cry. I sneak over to you, asking if you’re ok.
You scream, “You asshole! Why didn’t you help ?!”

I ran my fingers thru your hair, kissed your cheek. Then I put my right hand firmly on your neck. Choking you and I replied, “I didn’t help you because I’m the one who set this up!”
“I put them up to it. I told them where we’d be. Now, I’m gonna use and degrade you like the cheap piece of fuck meat that you are!”

Even as I spoke this, my cock twinged with excitement. You could feel it growing against your cum filled cunt.
I pulled out my swollen head and started fucking your cunt, still choking you. I spit on you. My cock was pursuing new depths inside your pulsating pussy.

I put four fingers down your throat. I pulled out my cock and without warning put my fist into your gaped pussy. I’m fisting your cunt and mouth.
Keeping my fist inside you, I put my cock into your worthless ass inch my inch. You are completely stretched out. Used. Worthless. I can open up my fingers in your pussy and feel my cock in your ass. I try to grip it as my breathing quickens.

“Stick a finger up my ass like you did his,” I grunted. I push my nipples into your face. Lick em. Bite em. I unload a torrent of cum deep into you. As soon as I’m done, I get up. Laughing. Laughing at you. Your body hurts and your mind devastated. I notice another car entering the parking lot.
“Hey. Maybe someone’s here to save you! Maybe someone’s here to help you !” I laugh some more.
No. It’s just another car full of men I set up to use you.
“Have at her. Don’t be gentle,” I said as I shut the door and drove off.

You suddenly realize that I’ve given you exactly what you’ve always wanted. To be used. ***d. ***d. Multiple men. As I drove off you realized how good this night was.
You peeked right up and got to your knees. As the men approached you, you winked at the as they unzipped. “My mouth’s right here, boys! Who needs a blowjob!”
Your eyes lit up and your right hand went to your pussy. Your left hand found another cock to stroke. As you sucked each one off, sometimes you’d let them finish on your face, other times you’d swallow. You didn’t know that I’d just driven only a few yards away. Watching. Happily. When they were done, I saw you look around hopefully, as if to say, “omg I hope there’s another car-full on the way!”

Could you make more of these they are so hot 🥵
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