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Air Tight Fantasy


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She entered the bedroom after her shower, wrapped in a towel.


He was laying on the bed stroking his cock.


Mmmmmm... that looks delicious, she said.

She dropped her towel and crawled up the bed and put her face up against his cock.


She licked his shaft with one long stroke, starting at the bottom and moving all the way up to the head.


She looked him in the eyes as she sucked on the tip of his cock. 


Tell me your naughtiest fantasy.


What? She giggled.


I want you to suck my cock, and tell me about the naughtiest thing you've thought about doing.


She rubbed his cock on her face. Ummm... are you sure you want to know what a naughty little whore I want to be.


Uh huh, he replied.


She swallowed his cock with one long deep throat.


Well.... she started, then licked the tip of his cock. I want to go to a swinger party by myself.


Uh huh.


Wearing something super slutty. Tight. Shirt, showing off my ass and tits.


Uh huh.


She squeezed his cock and sucked on it.


I want to get lots of attention.  Being a tease. Letting guys grab my ass and run my tits. Making out with their wives. Be a total attention whore before I become a naughty little whore. 


I would start by sucking on a cock. Just 1. People watching me. On my knees sucking a dick. Just like this, she sucked his cock and stroked it,.keeping eye contact with him.


Good girl he said.


Then,  I would call over another guy and start sucking his cock. On my knees. Cock in my mouth, other cock in my hand. Then switch, other cock in my mouth while I stroked the first cock.


Deep throat them. Let everyone in the room know that I love sucking cock. I love deepthroating. I love being watched while I am being a slut.


Then, I would get on all 4s. Tell one of the guys to lay down so I could suck his cock, while the other guy fucked my pussy.


I would ask them to run a train on me. Cock in my mouth. Cock in my pussy. I've never done it before.

Two socks using me. I've never seen them before and I will never see them again.


But I want it. I want them to do it to me. I want people to watch me suck a cock and get fucked at the same time. I want them to get horny watching me.


The guys are using me. Using my mouth and throat.  Using my wet pussy. Bodies slapping together. Using me like the whore I am.


She sucked on his cock hard . Slapped it on her face. Stroked it and sucked on his balls.


Tell me more he moaned.


They can tell I want more. I'm moving my body with them. Moaning out.


The guy fucking my mouth has one hand groping my tits and his other hand on the back of my head. Using me for his pleasure.


The guy fucking my pussy has his hands on my hips and is grabbing at my ass. I push into him hard.


He rubbed his thumb against my asshole.

I moaned out and screamed yes. 


He spit in my asshole, continued to fuck my pussy while he worked his thumb into my ass. I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth. I moaned. He worked my pussy with his cock and fingers in my ass.


You dirty little slut.


She smiled with his cock in her mouth. I'm your dirty little slut.


I needed more. I moved up and started to ride the guy who had his cock in my mouth. He grabbed my tits. He pinched my nipples.  He bite my nipples. 


The other guy moved in behind me.

He spread my ass cheeks out and slowly worked his cock deep into my ass.


I had a cock in my pussy. I had a cock in my ass.

I was getting DP'd like a whore.


She sucked his balls. Stroked his cock and squeezed it. Both of his balls in her mouth, she slapped his cock on her face.


She continued. I was getting fucked like a slut. Everyone was watching me take 2 cocks at once.


It wasn't enough. I needed more.


I moaned out, I need a cock in my mouth. Who wants to fuck my mouth while i get my ass and pussy fucked?!?


A guy walked over and shoved his cock in my mouth. 


He just rammed it in and fucked my face like he was fucking a pussy.


My body was air tight.  All my holes were filled with socks. All these socks were using my body.


I was working them as they worked me.


3 cocks using my holes. 


He grunted as she sucked and stroked him.


She knew he was on the edge.


I came like a slut over and over

My body never knew pleasure like this. 

Being used and pleased. 

Pleasing and pleasuring.


They all came at the same time.

They all came inside me. 


One came in my ass.

One came in my pussy

One came down my throat.


Everyone watch my holes getting filled with cum.


Fuuuck. He moaned out. His cock swelled in her mouth and he came as she licked and sucked the head of his cock.


She slurped up his cum and continued to suck his cock.


He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his cock.


She stuck her tongue out.


This whore always wants more, she said with a smile


That story is incredibly ho!

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