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Bots vs Unsure Newbies


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18 minutes ago, quietlysure said:

In England sex trade usually refers to people who have been smuggled into the country purely to be used as prostitutes

no, that's People Trafficking

(and, incidentally, in the UK there are far more lucrative roles to use trafficked people - restaurants, sweatshops, fishing and farming, warehousing....) 


It is yes but most of the people I know just refer to it as that, 

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Been on the site for a matter of days I've gotten a few "Hi, Hello and Hey" messages and a fewer anount still added how are u. No inclination of what drew them to say hi etc. The profiles that I have liked or try and built communication with draw me off site, had never even heard of Kik before this, apparently because u can't share images if you don't have a certain membership. What are the risks with this? I'm not sharing any personal details such as phone or name. Had maybe 2-3 genuine contacts who just wanted to welcome me. Also seems to be a good bit of pressure put on u.. "u have to give to receive", "I'm here to help and advice but I'd like to see the benefits of this..what I have helped to mould/create". I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and be open, but its not easy. And at the same time u don't want to be a 'bitch' or be 'rude' and not reply or just say adios. 


I think....

whether a person is genuine or not, trying to pull someone off site to 'share images' (which you can upload here) is rather rude and presumptuous of them; they're basically implying they want nudes and are too cheap to even sign up for a membership here

give vs receive

if someone reaches out when you sign up to "welcome" and "help" they shouldn't expect anything in return. Because, among anything else, you didn't ask them for help - so if they gave help expecting something in return they were neither being helpful or nice.  They were being manipulative.

So, no, it's not rude to not wish for this unsolicited advice.


Cool! Free dating site! I can meet people... And when the person is all excited about meeting other people they are suddenly faced with "so tell me about yourself" which they weren't prepared for.  This happens on vanilla dating sites all the time.  In these cases some of the honest people at least admit that they aren't sure what to say and that they will get back to filling in their profile when they've had time to think about it.

The "hey" message I will reply to because social media and text messaging has destroyed many people's ability to communicate properly, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.  When they follow up with, "what are you looking for," which is something they could learn if they had actually bothered reading my profile then I'm ready to report them as a scammer.


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On 12/5/2019 at 7:13 AM, MsBossyCow said:

Soon gone from a post about bots and newbies to badly smelling people 🙄

Shame people cannot say 'hi and interesting profile you have', instead of the mundane 'hi'.

Badly smelling people is a turn off. Those that smell nice, gets a compliment from me, whether a man or a woman.

Honestly, for me a simple "Hi, interesting profile you have" still wouldn't be enough to warrant a response. Any bot or scammer can say you have a nice profile, but PROVE to me that you read it by saying something specific in your opening message (Example: My profile mentions that I do web design, which is something you could mention), and I'll give you a response.

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