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BDSM is a way of life! Connect with fellow Manchester fetishists via live chat, find Manchester BDSM events and clubs, and discover your next fetish date! has all you need for your Manchester BDSM needs.

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Some of the things I like; Heavy thuddy floggers and single tail whips Western rope bondage that has a purpose Electricity that doesn’t just hurt Canes and sticks making parallel lines Sharp knives and vampire gloves Clamps and the weights attached to them Rope suspension that’s only part of a scene Inescapable metal bondage furniture Scratching, biting and leaving marks Latex, fishnet or just a collar Cold metal and soft leather cuffs Predicament bondage you can’t quite get comfortable in Orgasms, especially when they don’t stop Hands around throats or over mouths Being called Sir and still having fun Cuddles and aftercare from the headspace play brings. To me, each dynamic with a person is unique. It could be to show off your exhibitionist side in a club, or something more intimate in private. During play, whilst the other person may not know it at the time, I think it should always be fun and you finish with a glow and a grin from ear to ear. To do this I tend to tailor play around the things I know the other person will enjoy. I structure scenes loosely to allow them to progress in a more spontaneous way. Usually with a few options and ideas in mind, playing within a set of limits as opposed to a blow by blow agreed scene. Communication and negotiation play a key part for me to enable to create a play session that is enjoyable for us both. Whilst I have been lucky enough to know and play with people and have gained a number of friends, I am looking for someone to share the kink and the vanilla with. BDSM is a fun and an integral part of who I am, but I do like some vanilla things too. I value honesty and openness in both relationships and play. I would love to find another creative soul, or a muse to inspire my creations. If any of this sounds appealing to you, drop me a message
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Fetish clubs and other kink-friendly places in Manchester

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