Looking for a dominatrix
Hey I'm looking for a dominatrix to serve im new to the slave lifestyle wanting to learn more about being a slave. I will be a obident slave and listen to your every command thank you for taking the time out your day to read this
Kinky Dating150km around UK, Blackpool 3 weeks ago
Is there any 1 out there ?
Ok here goes im new on here and looking for a sub female although possibly a switcher .very hard to find someone who is genuine and lives reasonably near .im athletic/muscular like a woman with curves although thats not a must have .and basically just want to find someone to explore and grow with ,with similar kinks and tastes
Kinky Dating30 to 55 years ● 75km around UK, Blackpool 10 months ago
mature crossdresser/transvestite looking for local
I'm looking for local guys in Blackpool who like to have fun with crossdressers/transvestites who are also sissies, I cant travel far from where I live and can oly meet on certain days as I work full time
Kinky Dating35 to 70 years ● 5km around UK, Blackpool 10 months ago
Mature male Dom seeks shy/quiet sub
I'm looking for that special submissive girl for a regular D/s relationship. I like shy/quiet girls especially if they are turned on just by being naked. I'm looking to create regular fun for both of us where we will both be completely satisfied!
Kinky Dating18 to 70 years ● 50km around UK, Blackpool 10 months ago
Newbie looking to be taught
Looking for either... 1) someone to be my mistress or possibly master Maybe a bi couple or a sexy lady 2) Also looking for a lady to have no strings fun with 3) a young lady for me to take control of
Kinky Dating18 to 45 years ● 50km around UK, Blackpool 5 months ago
Very shy and submissive male seeks firm Mistress
Hi, i'm a mature straight male submissive searching for his firm and even cruel Mistress for regular corrective meets. I am quite shy and quiet but can be cheeky as I feel more relaxed. I would love to explore my pain limits and be tortured by a superior female. Being naked with a clothed woman is the very worst scenario. Can anyone sort me out please? The pics are from meets with my previous Mistress - unfortunately she had too relocate back to Scotland due to family illness - hence I am seeking a new Miss. Hope you like the pics, that is the treatment I am used to but will try anything you want. Thanks for looking!
Kinky Dating18 to 70 years ● 50km around UK, Blackpool 10 months ago
Dinner at yours
Roleplay is were good friends, have been for many years, im round at yours as we often have dinner together and there's always been that friendly flirtling but nothing more, I stay over as its late and there isnt any available taxi's. We have shared bed before, but this time you awake to me making you tingle as i play with you and you softly call me cheeky , you discover your hands are bound infront of you and soon i gag you and place arms above your head as i tease your body you lay there tingling as i pull your panties off lapping your juices up and easing gently caressing your boobs kissing your neck sensually slide deep inside you.... :lick:
Kinky Dating18 to 51 years ● 10km around UK, Blackpool 5 months ago
Foot Licker for a lady
Want to lick a lady's sexy feet and suck her toes, it makes me rock hard and turns me on Any lovely lady in the Blackpool area interested? Wouldn't mind trying out domination too, the sound if it interests me
Kinky Dating18 to 45 years ● 10km around UK, Blackpool 3 months ago
Perfect first encounter, would be to clean beautiful feet and serve a lady, not for humiliation but for turning us both on. Literally would like to, lick, suck, message and play with a lovely lays feet
Kinky Dating25 to 45 years ● 10km around UK, Blackpool 5 months ago
lookinfg for cbt meets
hey guys, well im a cunt and will be upfront and honest if ur not for me, dont take it perssonally its just me, im also on crutches for rest of my life as have a fucked ankle so if that bother u move along, and please do not send me cock pics as I prefer to wait till its in front of me before seeing it, body pics are cool, getting really pissed off with having my time wasted if u want a wank chat then fuck off to cam 4!!!! and if ur just looking to be fucked then go on grinder!!! so i am a cbt dom looking for a cbt subs, before messageing me make sure u answer yes to the following questions: do i have or am i sending a face pic? am i willing to let this guy cuff me, blindfold me and gag me? am i willing to let this guy torture my cock and balls in ways that will most likely bring a tear to my eye? am i willing to travel to him? (i dont drive and travel isnt easy, but i have my own place for play) do i actually intend to meet this guy? if you have answered yes to all the above then keep reading, so here's a bit about wat i do, for me its all about cbt, i like to see guys squirm as their manhood is tortured in ways that would make "normal" guys cry , this will be in various different ways using various differnt instruments, there will also b challanges set for subs which may leave the sub with the choice of how much they hurt ie, i may tie a weight to ur bellend, then place it on the table, then i mite hit ur balls and if u move to much then u will pull the weight which will fall, this is just 1 ie of various challanges. you will be expected to endure a good few hrs of cbt (can have breaks) and to be obidiant. i have aquired a collection of toys a list of which is below, and before we meet there is 1 main rule u should bear in mind: from the second u arrive till the second u leave you are not allowed under any circumstances to touch ur cock or balls, so no scratching and wen u need to wee u have to ask. punishment for this or for being disobediant will be 5 whips to ur bellend (with ridding crop) increasing in severity, for each indiscretion, theese will also be accumlative (i may save them up and give u a few sets at once) and this punishment will b carried out weather u like it or not! sometimes during play i will require ur cock to b soft and sometimes it will required to be hard, u will also b required to shoot at least once (more if u can) so any issues with either of theese let me know first, and please note that cuming will not mean i stop as a sensitve cock head is best time for me to torture :) i am ok with popers and chems, i also smoke, and please note i do not want u to send me arse pics as its a bit of a turn off, and really hairy guys are also a turn off so have a shave guys I don't mind a little hair but no Gorillaz please lol i do sometimes play with ur arse with toys and stuff but this very much depends on my mood at time so dont expect it then wen it does happen itll be a bonus. looking for slim smooth guys around my own age although age not set in stone, however i must find u attractive otherwise it aint gona happen, and please dont b a weirdo or a timewaster. list of gear: cock board pinwheel cock and ball crusher neon wand bondage cuffs ridding crop bull whip cum stopper chop sticks and elastic bands (good for crushing cock multiple times) clips for cock (proper soft clips that can clip on bellend (wen soft) ) electro sounding (rubber loops) pin brush massager wand cock harness (used to hang weight from bellend) cock ring with ball seperator and my new toy electro chastity serious guys only please, and i am willing to train newbies but ya gota take more each session than the last. am on kick user name djantzz.
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 200km around UK, Blackpool 5 days ago
Looking for a virtual Dom
Very new to the scene and looking for a virtual / whatssap Dom to teach me ... I’m up for exploring what I can do here but only aware of the very basics having had my first experience last week and I very much enjoyed it!
Kinky Dating40 to 52 years ● 50km around UK, Blackpool 2 months ago
sub bi couple looking for dom couples
hi we are new to the scene but are looking for dom couples not into watersports or pain mild bondage is cool forced fem etc is hubbys biggest kink looking for a dominant woman to join us also thaks for reading phil & sue
Kinky Dating31 to 45 years ● 10km around UK, Thornton-Cleveleys 10 months ago
Looking for a Dom
Looking for a dominatrix to take control of me , I'm open to anything really from foot worship to anal play . I just want to submit to someone and be their plaything to do what ever they want with me. Can I be yours ?
Kinky DatingUK, Poulton-le-fylde 5 months ago
Here piggy piggys I need some new paypigs for my sexy farm call me or message me to see if you qualify bare in mind only thorough breeds gethe intof my sexy farm* list text so you worthless dirty pigs contact me ASAP and I'll clean you up and make you prize possession 07749764359
Kinky Dating30 to 99 years UK, Fylde 9 months ago
On a Mission to care for, protect and enslave-YOU?
I am a loving, kind-hearted, businessman with a serious sadistic streak that wants nothing more than to find a sexually charged bisexual submissive woman to pleasure through controlled pain, bondage, subservience, obedience, and punishment. Love to chat with like-minded individuals and groups, but am on a mission to find that very special person who will eventually give herself over to me and let me care for, pleasure, control and protect, although I love to see my woman taking control in her civvy life, especially when her nastiness to others gives a bloody good reason for a spanking xx Meeting new friends along the way to enjoy a little pleasure and pain together is always a good thing to do, remember the journey is as important as the destination in any quest
Kinky Dating25 to 55 years UK, Fylde 10 months ago
Seeking for a special sub to care for
I am on a mission to find that very special person who will eventually give herself over to me and let me care for, pleasure, control and protect, although I love to see my woman taking control in her civvy life, especially when her nastiness to others gives a bloody good reason for a spanking xx
Kinky Dating25 to 50 years UK, Fylde 10 months ago
Gamer Alert!
I am a sub/bbg/little ( i guess at 5ft it makes sense), I have a weird sense of humour and yes i'm the person who doesnt get most jokes and laughs because everyone else is. I dont truly know what i'm looking for but I will hopefully know when i get there.! Win my mind and you a step closer to winning me! PLEASE NOTE: I dont want to see your dick pics and I'm not going to send dirty pictures out! Fantasies: But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even in that moment, when I’m supposed to be obeying him and being a good submissive, sometimes I can’t help but act like a little princess because I like the punishment I get.
Kinky Dating25 to 45 years ● 5km around UK, Fylde 8 months ago
Calling all panty sniffers
I want to sell my thongs and panties for all you kinky bitches to sniff and enjoy when you get off. Something about it turns me on, I guess I enjoy the thrill. Message me on here for some more details xoxo
Kinky DatingUK, Preston one week ago
Looking for a Dom
Want to be owned as a pup or salve and do scenes regularly. Im into rubber, leather, anal play, ABDL, pup play, bondage , humilation , chastity. also willing to experiment as have no solid nos right now
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 25km around UK, Banks 4 months ago

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