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Looking for a Dom to train me as you see fit.Let me kneel before you head down by your feet let me lick πŸ‘… suck you’re feet and toes.emphasized text

I am a male sub very shy I have been trained to keep my head down and to only speak when spoken to and never answer back. I am happy to be locked πŸ”’ in your collar to show your ownership of me. I last Mistress trained me to except maintenance punishments when she felt I need it. I have had a weeks training in Germany, where I had three dom’s to serve one male and two female. I was not spoken too as I could not speak Germany. I was stripped and put in to a neck collar and pad locked in. A leather body harness was then fastened tightly round my body. I was now there slave. My first morning was cleaning the house from top to bottom. They pointed to tell me to clean again it was not good enough. Food for me was oatmeal and nothing else. In the evening I was told to stand still and serve drinks when told which was different when I don’t understand. I think they started calling me names and humiliating me. Then I was punished with a hard long spanking on my bare bum with belt,wipe and crop leaving me in a lot of discomfort ,sore and bum feeling like it was on fire all very humiliating in front of people I did not know.
I know what to expect this time I am still shy but more obedient will not answer back. I will take my duties very seriously and not question your commands.
I am happy to dress as you say. Eat what I am given and not question punishment and
Hope to start training with a new Dom soon.

BDSM/Fetish Family ● 25 to 70 years ● 200km around UK, Harrogate ● 11 months ago

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