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Fakes and goldiggas, there's nothing for you here, so kindly jog on

Always find writing these profiles difficult, as they don't really convey the sort of person you are....that's what conversation is for.
Soooooo, without further ado, this is my attempt to write a meaningful profile, that illicit's emotional and psychological stability, my life's wants and needs and possibly a shopping lust at the end, so I can remember what to buy from Morrisons later.

Been in love with latex all my life, want to be owned by a like-minded Mistress who appreciates this lifestyle. Am open, honest, loyal and need to rebuild my *** levels as part of the fun is getting there again.
Ideally looking for LTR, as I'm not the type of person to go hopping from one situation to another.
I sometimes question if I'm doing the right thing and if I'll actually find somebody genuine. As we all know, the web is filled with scammers and fakes, so finding that one person who isn't, really is a struggle.
Due to my discretion, pictures are available on request.
It's harder for submissive males, as we're seen to be nothing more than cash cows that should be milked and discarded, that I fully disagree with, but it still prevails.
Anyways, I'm always happy to have a good chat and you never know, a spark may ignite!!

1xJar of Jam (to empty)
Half a pound of offal (for jar)
1×Jumbo can of Swarfega (prefs w/beads)
1xCopper based brake grease
1xMakita Super hammer action drill w/100mj torque
1xHotline to A&E if brake grease fails.


Courtesy of Willow75

Dominance isn’t about sex.
Dominance is being there for your sub.
Dominance is working through their meltdowns.
Dominance is accepting your sub especially when they won’t accept themself.
Dominance is being asked for the millionth time if you love them.
Dominance is tucking your sub in at night.
Dominance is telling your sub no.
Dominance is quieting their demons.
Dominance is being their bastion of strength.
Dominance is shrugging off your subs anger and frustration when you do things for their own good.
Dominance is encouraging them.
Dominance is comforting them in the middle of the night when they've had a nightmare.
Dominance is guiding.
Dominance is building your sub.
Dominance is love.

On the flip side, submission is so much more than getting spanked and having orgasms.
Submission is about being there for your Dom/Domme.
Submission is about being that consistent person.
Submission is building your Dom/Domme up and letting them know their loved and valued.
Submission is about listening when you want to speak.
Submission is about running to the pharmacy when you're Dom/Domme is under the weather.
Submission is helping them get ready for work when their is running late.
Submission is letting them lead, even when it’s hardest.
Submission is being his cheerleader.
Submission is honest, open communication because that’s what you're Dom/Domme deserves.
Submission is having their back.
Submission is being the hand that reaches for them in the middle of the night.
Submission is so much more than sex and submitting can come in the smallest, simplest ways

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