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Who needs their bondage fix?
I'm looking for a good sub, willing to try anything and enjoy the extremes of orgasm torture. Saying too much on here will give the game away and the last thing I want, is you to be prepared for what's to come... Open to DMs/Snapchat/WhatsApp.
Kinky Dating18 to 45 years ● 50km around UK, Stoke-on-Trent 6 days ago
Experienced Dom sans sub
I originally created this profile about a year ago to meet new kinksters since where I live is pretty much devoid of them (even on here the closest is generally 40+km). I have enjoyed my time and had some good fun in this community. At the time of creation I was also clinically and suicidally depressed but thanks to many people, including some on here, I am no longer. I have over a decade of experience as a Dom. Favourite kink is bondage. I am seeking a full time sub ideally but still interested in chatting to all kinksters out there, Dom or sub and everything in between. I enjoy chatting about experiences, swapping ideas, generally being social. Prefer real life encounters but you can sometimes find me in the chat room too. Outside of kink I spend my time doing things like gaming, making alcohol, cycling, working and volunteering at various charity events around Europe. Would love to visit the rest of the world too some day.
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 50km around UK, Stoke-on-Trent 6 days ago

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Kinksters in Staffordshire

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