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Hi! Cuck & service grunt here. I'm looking for a few different possible dynamics, but all of them include me being cucked and denied the pleasure of having you.

  1. Looking for a bi or gay dude who wants to date me and be the King to my peasant. I'll cater to your every whim. You can talk down to me, make fun of me, cheat on me, even bring someone new into our "relationship" and only sleep and cuddle them for a few months (or forever). I offer you total and complete loyalty. You'll be superior, and I inferior. I'll be lucky to take any shred of attention you give me. I'll even continue to do chores and run errands for you if you decide to leave me for someone else.

  2. Looking for a straight, bi or gay dude who wants to be my buddy in an imbalanced friendship. We would chill, but you'd also remind me I'm beneath you, not worthy of having you, make me do all your chores and errands, tease me, talk down to me, and make me watch you kiss and cuddle other people.

  3. An online friendship with a man of superior intellect who wants to dominate me in debates and then make fun of me for being inferior and unable to compete. You could make me read books that you choose and slowly morph my brain so that I've accepted that all your opinions are correct, that I shouldn't bother thinking for myself and that I should surrender my power to you.

  4. If anyone owns a farm and needs a farmhand, please contact me and put me to work. No payment necessary. Use me for free labor. Train me as a butler in the evenings. Keep me chaste. Not looking for sex in this dynamic.


BDSM Play Partner20 to 42 years ● 500km around USA, Scottsdale one year ago

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