NSA40 to 76 years ● 25km around USA, Beach Park one year ago

38 Illinois F:MidWest -Sensual Sublime Poetic bottom.
voluptuous pale doll.

Feed me with your mind . . .

Sex/Relationship not really the first thing
on my mind more be my peace don't be a headache just bit selective when comes to the right connection with the soul. Not just anyone that just enters with looking for relationship not the right taste of breakfast. The lifestyle in my eyes more of art not a fetish I bit old school respect with dignity comes in favor. D/s has all way's been love and trust with bond. The best things comes unexpected in the right time when you least expect it. You can't a connection its has to be in the right vibration at the right time. More of a feeling a soul spark its very rare. Only one for one not in to sharing sorry to break it to you.

Well Written as a bottom yet submissive with a beautiful mind with Art is more of a passion to be embraced as erotica but the soft classic core of it.
with pleasure be under a man Classic curvy pale 1950’s/Stepford Sensual beauty bottom 38 Illinois Ltr tpe to be under a Head of Household know my place but in a fair manner. With love, romance and ***.Old Soul Fond of vintage and art with classical things but loves the universe with sci -fi , supernatural ethics of things. Very clean, good hygiene keeps me up with confidence and I have lots of 1950s clothes I have invested in. Sensory Deprivation 24/7. 25 years on this Ferris wheel lifestyle as a maso 1950s/Stepford. Take the right HoH take the hand Lead the way well groomed clean cut with stability and established manners keep the clothes on. Growth you have that you only need one not all over the place of collecting. Emotionally invested to earn the heart.
37 to 50 age range.

Our souls do not speak a human language they communicate to us through symbols , metaphors , visions , poetry , deep feeling , and everyday magic.

There are those who say they love you.... And then there are those who lace you feel. She my girl she may not be perfect but she perfect for me are hearts are crossed.

Your Naked body should only belong those who fall in love with your naked soul. - Charile Chaplin

NSA37 to 50 years USA, Holiday Hills one year ago

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