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Extreme masochist seeks extreme sadistic mistress
I think I am too extreme of a pain slut for you to handle. And I am the kinkiest most perverted man you will ever meet in your entire life. There are very few women who can even come close to handling me. Do you honestly believe you can handle me? I have live videos of just what an extremely sadistic and cruel mistress can do to me in live, real action. Extreme masochist. No limits at all, will do absolutely anything. In BDSM most entire life. Very experienced. I am an extreme masochist with absolutely no limits at all, I will let you do absolutely anything you desire to do to me. I like cock and ball torture, I like having my dick beaten with floggers and leather paddles. I like for a woman to piss and shit into my mouth. I like licking the crack of a woman's ass, I like brutal and savage ass beatings with paddles, whips, canes and floggers, I like being fucked in my asshole with the largest and thickest dildos you can locate. I can currently take a 12 inch dick and getting larger all the time. I want to be able to accept a 4 1/2 inch thick dildo in my asshole before I stop stretching it. What kind of kinky things do you fantasize about doing? I can satisfy all of your deepest, darkest, most secret cravings, desires, fetishes, and fantasies,and kinky desires. in fact I absolutely guarantee that I will satisfy all your deepest, darkest, most secret cravings, desires, fetishes, and fantasies. I am the kinkiest man you will ever meet in your entire life. I will also perform sexual activities on men and let them perform sexual activities on me as well as performing sexual activities with single women, couples, and transgenders. I will do absolutely anything that you desire for me to do to you as well. I will say yes to absolutely everything in the entire world. You will never hear the word no come out of my mouth, ever. My Ideal Person The most extreme sadistic mistress I can locate.
Kinky Dating18 to 65 years ● 50km around USA, Cortland 10 months ago
hello, im just trying to talk with and meet ppl
im real, fucking touch me, taste me! this can be reality. you're lust is turning our water into dust, our morals dry from us giving and giving and giving in hopes someone will feel, trust that your lust is ruining you. try passion instead, compassion full of lesions from lashing out will amount to nothing but us apologizing for making you critique us. the further you push me the closer we get. 27 уёaя оld Paи$ёжцal,ноplє₴$ ґомaптїc, gцттєґpцик, пєцяотїc, їиsомиїac, щaпиaЬё $̵̡ёaм₴тґє₴$, шґїтёґ--мцsїcїaп, нуpёя, vїяgо, ℃0мpцl₴їvє, ₴ёlf-conscious, яєadу, laтё, нцят, иёґd, cои₴pїяacу тнёоґїs✞S / яёalїs✞(ї киош cоптґadїcтюи$),5тцcк їи тнє 90'$,@nD му 1!F3 ґёflёcт$ тнє₴є тнїпg₴, їf уоц dоит lїкє їт plёa$є яємоvё уоця₴єlf їпто тнё fцcк оff $ёcтюи оf му rO0M
Kinky Dating25 to 45 years ● 150km around USA, Youngstown 5 months ago

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