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To begin with I require it known and understood that I am PRIMARILY a DEVOUT Lover and WORSHIPER of Women and I pray that all the visitors to my profile here, Especially ALL of the WOMEN, understand that MY PRIMARY mission in life is to pledge my BODY in Servitude and Obedience for the SOUL purpose of Physically Expressing my Adoration, Respect, Admiration and Devotion to the Forever Worship of the HIGHLY Superior Female Body, Mind, Sensuality and Sexuality.

I will live as Witness and Loyal Subject to HER Any and Every Desire. HER Kingdom is home to a Warmth Incomparable, and Depth never Surmountable and A WRATH of TOTAL RAPTURE which holds and controls ALL of my Physical, Sexual and Mental Cravings and will ALWAYS me to KNEEL at HER FEET and SOAK in the Masterful Power and Absolute Greatness of ALL Women, at ALL Times, till I take my very last breath.

I always show respect and courtesy in every way I am able so,

I must ask YOU what YOU are looking for?

How FAR inside of your desires and dreams have you already been?

How much further do you want to go?

Are you a Submissive or are you the Dominant - or Switch?

Do you enjoy, or would you be interested in being physically worshiped?

How about the idea of being emotionally worshiped by someone?

Do you enjoy being taken away but still in full control?

What do you desire the most right now, in this moment?

In matters involving the intimate or the emotional I am one of the very few men left that always works from an adventurous, non-selfish, and dedicated mind that will always put your pleasure ahead of all priorities and if you are lucky to be in the company of a "real" man you should already be the ONLY priority to begin with.

Too many men seem to think that Women are some sort of material object and not the Amazing, Strong, Smart and Sensual GIFTS they are to this World.

ONLY When my Lady is Fulfilled, Quenched and Pleased - Am I pleased.

This is NOT just sexually. If your Lady is not pleased and fulfilled outside the bedroom - she will never be satisfied fully and completely inside.


s and greatly appreciate their unconditional Love and contributions to our World at large. If you are a person that does not like ***s, I simply feel nothing for you besides sadness and contempt and there is no point in contacting me - because we will never get along .

I'm not trying to be rude only blunt. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I have oftentimes been told that I should not be like I am - but I kinda like me. I seldom have any audible verbal filters and I loathe and physically cringe to think about sugar coating anything - unless a dire matter of life or death.

If you ask me my opinion, I promise you'll get it. You ask me a question prepare for the honest answer. I would always rather to be that fellow you we're mad at for being honest than be that fellow you will never trust again. Right from the hip. I question everything, yes - everything.

I find that SO many people now are totally immune to proper level of understanding their intake of sensations and emotions that they will never know the actual feeling of real feelings.

My Greatest Sensory Passion, outside of My Lady, is in the Preparation and Creation of Cookery, especially the plating and serving. Since I was small, I have loved everything about food - most importantly is the feeling gained from serving someone a dish that you created with your passion, your hands and your heart. Currently I must divide myself evenly between my Passions and my Providers - so I work only part-time in the Culinary arts as a volunteer private chef to two wonderful Ladies that are not able to make themselves healthy meals - I Love what I do.

In my regular 9-5 job, I design stuff, code stuff, build stuff blah blah blah.

My business card simply says "I'll call you."

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