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Valentines day...

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Hi, Has or is anyone thinking of sending a Valentines message to another member ...or letting the whole Fetish community know who you are in love with by posting a topic..Cassie..

Someones valentines day would be an exciting thing to be a part of, i know i'd ware nothing more than maybe some ribbons with a bow at the bottom of my back and a collar. But alas, i'm a single pringle so maybe next year.

Some people like using Valentines to express love for some one and some people think it’s a gimmick. For me I don’t need a special day to tell some one I love them. Every day is a special day and should tell them you love them every day. 

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Thats a nice way to look at it Locked-latex. I think i'm going to see it that way from now on
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Great reply ...Apart from my lovable King Charles Cavalier...and my Mum...I have no one to say I love you to every day..But if I did....then I agree....Everyday would be a special day.....Esp' if you love your partner..!....Cassie